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Construction is a career like no other - Go Construct | Go Construct - Construction is one of the biggest industries to work in, both in the UK and worldwide. There is a role for everyone, whether you're good at maths and sciences, love woodwork or computers, or are great at organising projects.

  • https://www.goconstruct.org/information-for-employers/resources/dashboard/ Go Construct resources | Go Construct - Sign up to access materials to help promote the construction industry and Go Construct.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/working-in-construction/ What's it like working in construction? | Go Construct - Taking on a career in construction gives you the chance to be part of a world-class industry.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/information-for-employers/ Information for employers | Go Construct - Find information on apprenticeships, work experience, recruiting, and engaging with students.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/parents-careers-advisors-educators/ Parents, Careers Advisors, Educators and Schools | Go Construct - Find out how children and students can benefit from working in the construction
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/roles-in-construction/ Roles in construction | Go Construct - Explore different aspects of working in construction to see the huge range of roles out there.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/construction-jobs/career-explorer/ Career Explorer | Go Construct - Our Career Explorer helps you find possible roles in construction based on your talents, skills and interests.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/construction-jobs/careers-a-to-z/ Career A-Z | Go Construct - Explore our A-Z of roles in construction, with job profiles with more information
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/personality-quiz/ Go Construct - Personality Quiz - Want to know what role suits you? Take our quiz and find out where you fit in the construction industry.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/working-in-construction/day-in-the-life/darren-evans/ Graduate Quantity Surveyor | Go Construct - The best part of my job is seeing completed houses and knowing that I was a part of that process.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/blog-events/four-ways-to-finding-a-career-in-construction-using-go-construct/ Four ways to find a career in construction using Go Construct | Go Construct - Go Construct celebrates its first birthday this month. To mark the occasion, we have brought together loads of ways to help you find out about careers in construction.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/working-in-construction/information-on-the-industry-culture/ The changing culture of construction | Go Construct - If your image of a typical construction worker is a man in a hard hat, then it’s time to think again.
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/how-to-get-into-construction/choosing-academic-subjects/ Choosing academic subjects | Go Construct - Make sure the subjects you choose can help you to move on to a rewarding career in construction after school, college or university
  • https://www.goconstruct.org/how-to-get-into-construction/useful-qualifications-to-get-into-construction/ Useful qualifications for a career in construction | Go Construct - To get started, you’ll need to prove that you have the right skills and qualifications.

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