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Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame - Since 1991 our inductees have made a contribution with far-reaching effects on the quality of life for Chicago's lesbian and gay community or the city of Chicago, or has made a significant long-term contribution to the well-being of Chicago's lesbian and gay community.

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City: -111.9171 Arizona, United States

  • Tiffany Hartman - A Life Saver!

    I want to thank those reviewers before me who recommended these drops for dogs with chronic dry eyes. I will try to make a very long story short: my poor Lucy has been suffering from this condition. Tens of thousands of dollars and two resulting eye surgeries later, we were successfully managing her issue with GenTeal. Tacrolimus works great for her, but it is very expensive and the veterinary ophthalmologist fees were even worse. We were doing fine with GenTeal until we left a humid climate for a dry one, where her condition flared up terribly. I found these reviews, gave it a try and like one reviewer said, we are finally able to live a semi-normal life (if your dog suffers from a chronic condition, you probably realize how much it takes over your life).

  • KC Coldbrook - Great mouse, slightly less battery life than advertised (and Logitech, please make a right-handed version)

    Like others reviewing, this is my first wireless mouse for gaming, I have only used wireless mice with business laptops until now because I was concerned about latency. I don't see any perceptible latency with the G900 and it works without drivers, which is a big plus because I don't want to clutter my system with third-party drivers & tray apps just to use my mouse. All of the buttons function without drivers, including the dedicated buttons to set resolution on the fly. The only things making this a 4-star review instead of 5 stars are A) the battery life is less than the 30 hours promised, I'm getting sub 20 hours, and B) while I appreciate the broad market appeal of an ambidextrous design, it isn't quite as comfortable as my previous right-handed G502.

  • Korie Ramsey - great app

    Tried a few different small packages to test it out reliable and it came as shown as promised I will use again.side note remember the site is not the store where you pay for the items its a third party so don't blame the app blame the store. Great app keep up the great work guys..

  • Davew - awesome case

    awesome case ordered 2 of these, one for my note 5 and one for the iPhone 6s PLUS, these are nice cases, they go on easily, yet are very tough, I had the one on my iPhone 6s plus and then my son seen it and wanted to use it, well he happened to drop his phone 2 times taking our dog for a walk within 15 minutes of having the case.. it held up well

  • Rosetta - It will only last a year

    Purchased the TV for my kids room for Christmas of 2012. It started to cut off and the red light would go out in January of 2014. I'll unplug it til now May 2 2014 its gone completely. So like everyone else it'll last for a strong year then goes down from there. smh

  • Kimberly Curvin - Good results so far!!

    I have only used for a few weeks but I can tell the difference in the health of my hair. I have not noticed any growth yet. So far so good for this product and I will continue to use and hoping for great results.

  • Alexis McMahan - i actually love it!

    i actually love it!!!! after I got the hang of it to use it. lets see if I get my flat tummy I always want now.