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  • Stephanie Lawler - and as much as I loved feeling able to handle life

    I have been taking 1stPhorm's MasterBrain for about 3 full weeks now, and I am impressed. As a college instructor, a busy mom, and a student myself currently studying for my NASM personal training certification, my brain is running 100-miles an hour at all times. In every aspect of my life, I need to be "on" at all times, expecting nothing less than full-effort in any task that I do. With that external and internal stress, I constantly face mental-fatigue, and I am prone to anxiety as is typical for so many of us with a type-A personality. For years, I relied on anti-anxiety medication through some very stressful years of my life, and as much as I loved feeling able to handle life, I hated feeling numb to all feelings, good and bad. Through daily exercise and a clean diet, I successfully manage my anxiety most days without medication, but in times of high stress, those emotions take over and control my life.

  • Allison - Not all that great... for me

    I've had this product for a few months, and at first it was a 5/5 but I've realized I'm not really into this product. Here's my story, It feels like I'm the whitest girl in the world. This product only comes in one shade it's somewhat dark. It does have a thickness for red areas and it does work. When I put on my foundation though, it's just obvious I'm wearing some sort of darker cream underneath so it doesn't really even out. I think this product would be great if you had red spots the size of a quarter, but not your whole cheeks like my problem area is. Overall, if you have somewhat tan skin and have red areas, this is a great product. I do not recommend this to those who are fair skin and/or have big red areas.

  • Carlos Pena - Fastest charger in the west!

    This is by far the best charger I've seen! Gives full juice to both ports at the same time! Charges both my iPhone6 and my Win8 tablet at the same time, and both quickly!

  • Benjamin F Jarvis - Great panel at the right price... for the first 1 year + 1 month

    This panel was working splendidly, and I was quite satisfied with it, until 1 year + 1 month after I had purchased it, just after my warranty had expired. I turned it on one day, and the left third of the screen featured a reddish hue, exhibited fine horizontal lines, and began suffering from burn in. I checked in with AOC, aka Envision Peripherals Inc., and asked them if they would fulfill the warranty, having just missed the warranty cutoff. No go there. Okay, would they at least offer a repair? Nope, they don't seem to do repairs. Even if I were to send the monitor back to them, they didn't seem to have any refurbishment program. I was told that they would just scrap it. So now I'm out one monitor that can't be serviced and needs to be taken to an e-waste facility. Such, it seems, are the pains of going with a slightly off brand display. I normally wouldn't post a bad review just because of a technical problem like this: every manufacturer produces an occasional lemon. But based on my customer service experience, which wasn't bad, per se, but yielded an unsatisfactory result, I can't honestly recommend this monitor or this brand.

  • Johnny - Save your money...

    This software is a joke. All it is a giant advertising machine for Intuit's other "products and service." Every click you make it's asking if you want to use their credit card processing services, or if you want to build a website using their software, or gives us all the information about your company including bank accounts just to register your software (which has to be done by phone, where do you guys come from?), yes we will ask you for the same information 26 times and then make you call us. I don't get it. I couldn't get past all the questions about if I wanted to use their other products to even know if this actually works. It's a giant parasitic pain in my rear and I'm seeking a refund.

  • Elle Driver - Not worth it for me.

    This product smells very nice. After getting out of the shower and ringing my hair out, I would spritz all over my hair and spread it (like shampooing) before combing. However, I did not notice enough difference in my hair to continue using the product, as it is a bit expensive.

  • Mercedes Cairo - Another example of corporate disconnect.

    I am a stage III breast cancer survivor, who has used this product on the area that had radiation treatment, for several years. I noticed the change when I could no longer use it on my face. Whether someone buys a successful restaurant or company, I don't understand why they feel it necessary to mess with what the customers want. I am finding that more and more I have to buy from small local companies, who are directly in touch with their customers. Unless they change this back, I will no longer be buying any of their products.