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Fresenius Vascular Care - Fresenius Vascular Care (FVC) provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for dialysis access management and intervention, as well as other vascular and interventional procedures.

  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/about-fresenius-vascular-care.php About | Fresenius Vascular Care - Fresenius Vascular Care (FVC) is managed by a successful, proven senior management team with a philosophy is to achieve optimal patient outcomes while providing the best possible service.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/business-services.php Business Services | Fresenius Vascular Care - Fresenius Vascular Care offers comprehensive practice management services that allow our physicians to maximize professional and personal time and concentrate on clinical care.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/vascular-access-resource-center.php Vascular Access Resource Center | Fresenius Vascular Care - At Fresenius Vascular Care, we strive to provide our patients, their families, our staff, and our affiliates with the latest on vascular access.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/center.php Find A Center | Fresenius Vascular Care - Fresenius Vascular Care operates freestanding outpatient centers throughout the United States.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/careers.php Careers | Fresenius Vascular Care - Fresenius Vascular Care is a national leader in vascular outpatient care with a variety of employment opportunities for clinical professionals and administrative staff.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/contact.php Contact FVC | Fresenius Vascular Care - We will make sure getting in touch with our offices to schedule a consultation is easy for you! To locate a specific center, simply the Find a Center tab on the left and follow the directions using the map provided.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/regional-management.php Regional Management | Fresenius Vascular Care - The Regional Management team of Fresenius Vascular Care consists of three divisions across the U.S.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/medical-advisory-board.php Medical Advisory Board | Fresenius Vascular Care - The Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is comprised of ten members, including a chairperson. Each member is appointed for a two-year term by the President after consultation with the Chief Medical Officer.
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/join-fvc-at-2016-national-kidney-foundation-walks.php Join FVC at 2016 National Kidney Foundation Walks | Community Involvement | Fresenius Vascular Care - Kidney disease statistics for the United States indicate that 1 in 10 adults have some level of chronic kidney disease (CKD).
  • http://www.freseniusvascularcare.com/fresenius-vascular-care-professional-education-series.php Fresenius Vascular Care Professional Education Series - As part of our effort to share our expertise with the vascular care community, Fresenius Vascular Care presents this educational video series on hemodialysis access care techniques.
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  • Gary - Great stuff

    it works my wife suffers from varicose veins it has virtually eliminated them and also helps her allergies. Win Win

  • ToughCustomer - Great for the money

    i bought this because it was the cheapest of the dewalt grinders, but its a Dewalt so the quality is great, worked perfect. the handle had been miss threaded at some point (not sure if store or factory or a return) but was able to get the threads chased and working good again...cant hold that against dewalt

  • C. Shepard - My old friend Quickbooks now awful. Unreliable, crashes, and trashes data.

    LOSS OF CRITICAL DATA. This sums it up. For those of you looking to this review for feature comparisons, I am sorry. DATA is of paramount importance, and if an accounting product trashes data what good are feature comparisons? But I'll say one thing about features. I have had Quickbooks since version 2009 and not that much has changed. Except it is now unreliable.

  • Carrie Kellenberger - Non-traditional travel narratives, some real gems here

    A collection of travel essays written by a group of male travel authors. I guess women had nothing important to offer this year. I found a lot of these essays hit and miss, as the essays weren't traditional travel narratives by any means. Nevertheless, there were some key pieces that stand out in my mind. My favorites were:

  • tke577 - Concrobium will destroy the mold that is there and clean it up quite nicely. You can use other products like bleach and ...

    This stuff works. You absolutely must stop the source of moisture that is causing the mold in the first place otherwise it will grow back. However, once that is done, Concrobium will destroy the mold that is there and clean it up quite nicely. You can use other products like bleach and water to do the same thing mostly but this product does work very well and without the harshness you find with other methods.

  • J. Han - Some Helpful Tips

    I love Biosilk. To be honest, Biosilk is more like a hair polisher than a "leave in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment" as it says on the bottle. I have thick coarse wavy hair and I purchased this product to help prevent split ends and frizz. I've been using Biosilk for years and here are some helpful suggestions for those who wish to purchase: