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Welcome to the Home of Frankie Records! - Frankie Records released nineteen singles (all recorded at Capitol Studios in New York City) of a wide variety of music by talented "locals". Although the label is no longer in business, the recordings are still enjoyed today by listeners and in some cases (#FR-6), and avidly sought after by collectors.

Country:, North America, US

City: -80.1273 Florida, United States

  • Matthew Kwan - Lovely addition to any of the Timbuk2 Messenger bags

    I use it with both of my Timbuk2 bags, one Small and one Medium sized one. when used in my medium bag I still have space to bring extra clothes, toiletries, my laptop and accessories while the insert holds a whole micro43s system with a bunch of lenses and a flash . When used with the small bag it usually holds my OMD EM1, 3 lenses, a power bank, a portable printer and a swivel flash, my nexus 7 and my wallet really neatly, freeing up the pockets in the rest of the bag for other stuff.

  • That One Customer - Strong Stuff

    This stuff is strong, like really strong. I use it to combat athlete's foot every occasionally and it works. I use it when in the shower and rub it on my feet for a minute or two before rinsing it off. I typically use the FungaSoap at the beginning of the shower because it has a very strong smell and I want to give it enough time for the smell to disappear. Whenever athlete's foot pops up I use PediFix for a week or so and it is typically gone after 4-5 days but I continue using for 7-10 days total.

  • jorge - I wanna set it on fire.

    Horrible taxture.plastic wavy all the way across. Dont even think about painting it. I would pay 40 $ for it .so disappointed

  • Amazon Customer - I love having coconut oil in a tube

    I love having coconut oil in a tube! I carry it in my diaper bag and use it on my newborn all the time.

  • Dave Kim - Seems legit

    Product increased energy levels and definitely had a biological effect in the body. How much of it was a placebo effect is yet to be determined.

  • d troop - Great

    Awesome music by badfinger!Sounds like it was recorded yesterday.You just cannot beat badfinger music in its purest form.have a listen