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Folia Biotech | Conception produits thérapeutiques en oncologie et maladies immunitaires ou infectieuses - Société biopharmaceutique canadienne dédiée à la conception de produits thérapeutiques destinés à combattre le cancer, les maladies immunitaires et les maladies infectieuses. Technologie brevetée. Plateforme d’immunothérapie

  • http://www.foliabiotech.com/index-en.asp Folia Biotech | Development of therapeutic products in oncology, immune diseases and infectious diseases - Canadian biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of therapeutic products to fight cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases. Patented technology. Immuno-therapeutic platform

    Country:, North America, CA

    City: -73.1659 Quebec, Canada

  • Jess - Great Value!

    After reading some of the reviews, I was a little hesitant to purchase this product, based on concerns about customer service. But I ended up taking a chance based on the positive reviews, as I tend to put more credence in a review when someone has taken the time to point out the good in something! And I'm glad I did. I absolutely love this machine. It was a great price and is a solid piece of equipment. And more importantly, it allows me to get a great, convenient workout. The instruction manual is a little daunting and could probably use some attention by a Technical Writer (being one, I was half tempted to rewrite it and send it back to them!). However, it wasn't really that difficult to put together, it just takes time. As someone else said, the suggested time is 35 minutes and this is highly optimistic. It took me close to three hours. But this wasn't b/c it was difficult, it is just tedious.

  • rubyda2 - Fits the window perfectly, although my only complaint is ...

    Fits the window perfectly, although my only complaint is that the sides tend to dog ear after a few uses.

  • D. DuBose - Great Product!

    The flavor was good and it wasn't tart. If I want a stronger taste I'll do 12 oz of water instead of 16. It was better than expected. More energy and it truly did curb my appetite. Will definitely purchase more and try the other flavors.

  • Katie - Great prep book - better than older version

    I have both the 2013 and 2014 versions of the Kaplan book, and while there are not HUGE differences, there are some. First, the PCAT format changed slightly starting July 2014, which isn't huge but the updated format is reflected here. Secondly, the organization of topics in this book seems slightly more logical to me than the older version.

  • Josh - Can't beat it for the price

    Its not as good as the full professional version that will cost you $1,000+ but it is pretty close and for the price (I think I got it for $30ish at the time) you just cant beat it. I am familiar with Chief Architect and lose using it to design renovations or small projects. If you are familiar with Chief Architect and don't want to spend ridiculous money on the full version get this

  • Kay M. Maddox - The Best product ever for your travel trailer!!

    Can't say it enough. We have tried traps, poison, 2 different types of electronic devices, moth balls, Bounce sheets, nothing keeps the little critters out!

  • Eric Shaw - Helped me make millions in sandpaper!!

    Wow! without this text I would still be just another poor sucker trying to get rich off PLASTIC toilet seats! Whew, that was a close one!! This book was number 2 on my reading list but something told me it was actually number 1! I gladly forked over the paltry sum requested for this tome and began to read. As I read I realized that the real money was going to be in wood toilet seat maintenance! The Chinese hate splinters just as much as anyone else! Now I have a chain of 300 shops across China selling sandpaper to millions (soon to be billions) of greatful customers. I have been told that my product has even been used in the forbidden city. Talk about product placement!!