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  • K. R. - Perfectly Captures the American Workplace

    This is a little difficult on Kindle but worth the effort. You can get the double-clicks into a good pattern.

  • Princhic - An Amazing Body Wash

    I used this as a body wash and I love it. It keeps me nice and soft, smells great, and has such a rich lather. I don't know about the whole losing your hair thing, but I sure don't mind if it makes my body hair fall out.

  • Militarybooks - ABSOLUTELY WORKS WONDERS--but follow my instructions not what is on the package.

    Absolutely works wonders--BUT the key is getting it applied within about an hour or two of realizing a fever blister is coming on. If you that, it is usually contained and no one even notices that you have one! If you wait a few hours or even a day, it will be a bit worse, but still almost never break open or spreads, Just looks like a small zit and is gone within 2-3 days.

  • Sibelius - Sweet driver for those prone to slicing

    For those who are prone to slicing - Pinemeadow's PGX Offset Driver is designed to help reduce such errors with a larger, more forgiving club face that is balanced extremely close to the shaft itself. After going through a few buckets at the range I managed to get a proper feel for the club and with easy, lazy swings was able to hit the sweet spot with much more consistency than I am used to versus my other drivers. The driver is sharply styled with a black graphite shaft that nicely complements the matte finished black head accented with silver, white and green elements. The club also comes with a well constructed and heavily cushioned head cover.