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Specialized Manufacturing for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets. Esterline also serves the industrial marketplace, medical industry, energy industry and gaming industry.

  • http://www.esterline.com/Profile/AboutEsterline.aspx Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing - United States, China, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Mexico - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Overview of Esterline Technology Corporations global operations. Esterline operates manufacturing facilities in Twelve U.S. states, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom
  • http://www.esterline.com/CorporateGovernance/CorporateGovernance.aspx Esterline Corporate Governance - Code of Ethics - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Documents outlining Esterline Corporation's core values, corprate governence and business ethics.
  • http://www.esterline.com/careers Overview - Esterline is a specialized manufacturing company serving aerospace and defense markets. Esterline firmly believes that our employees drive the success of the company. With success in mind as the ultimate goal, Esterline strives to create and provide an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities.
  • http://www.esterline.com/Capabilities/OurCompany.aspx Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing - Specialize in Avionics, Controls, Sensors and Advanced Materials – Esterline Technologies Corporation - Listing and descriptions of all of the Esterline business units. Avionics Systems, Communication Systems, Advanced Sensors, Control Systems, Defense Technologies, Engineered Materials, Interface Technologies, Metal Finishing and Power Systems.
  • http://www.esterline.com/Profile/DirectorsOfficers.aspx Corporate Officers and Directors - Esterline Technologies Corporation - List and biographies of the executive corporate officers of Esterline Technologies Corporation. Esterline's CEO is Brad Lawrence.
  • http://www.esterline.com/Profile/FactSheet.aspx Esterline Company Fact Sheet - Headquartered in Bellevue, WA - Worldwide Operations - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Historic facts about Esterline including information on Esterline's business foundation, aquisitions, lean manufacturing practices, management team and operational companies.
  • http://www.esterline.com/Profile/HeritageoftheAir.aspx Heritage of the Air - Aviation History Art Collection - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Overview of the Heritage of the Air World War One aviation painting collection created by Merv Corning.
  • http://www.esterline.com/Profile/HeritageoftheAir/TheCollection.aspx Heritage of the Air Collection Gallery - WWI Aviation Paintings Gallery - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Interactive gallery of all 47 Heritage of the Air paintings. Featuring the most famous stories of WWI airplanes and their pilots.
  • http://www.esterline.com/Profile/HeritageoftheAir/TheArtist.aspx Heritage of the Air Collection - Artist Merv Corning - Esterline Technologies Corporation - Biography of Merv Corning, creator of the Heritage of the Air Collection of WWI aviation paintings.
  • http://www.esterline.com/defensetechnologies/CombustibleOrdnance/ArtilleryProducts/tabid/733/Default.aspx Armtec Defense: Artillery - Armtec Defense Products, a subsidiary of Esterline Technologies , is the world leader in product development and manufacture in the fields of combustible ordnance and expendable countermeasures.
  • http://www.esterline.com/advancedinput Custom Input Devices - Custom Control Panels - Human Machine Input (HMI) Device Design & Manufacturing - Designer & manufacturer of custom control panels, custom input devices, and user interface solutions. Control panels, rugged keyboards, custom keyboards, Medigenic medical keyboard, keypads.
  • http://www.esterline.com/controlandcommunication/BVR/BVRHome.aspx BVR Motion-Control and Data-Concentration Solutions - Esterline Control & Communication Systems - Overview of BVR motion-control solutions and digital data concentrator units (DCUs). BVR products from Esterline are used in commercial and military aircraft, as well as in medical applications.
  • http://www.esterline.com/avionicssystems/ Esterline CMC Electronics - Avionics Systems · Aviation products, Cockpit systems integration, microelectronics and Simulation Visual Systems - The CMC Electronics (CMC) brand within Esterline Avionics Systems has achieved an international reputation for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of electronics products for the military and commercial aviation markets. The company’s focus is on delivering innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide. CMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation, a specialized aerospace and defense company headquartered in Bellevue, WA
  • http://www.esterline.com/controlandcommunication/Mason/JancoRotaryProducts.aspx Janco Rotary Selector Switches and Optical Encoders - Esterline Control & Communication Systems - Overview of Janco rotary selector switches. Janco MIL-Spec switches from Esterline are used on virtually every commercial and military aircraft.
  • http://www.esterline.com/engineeredmaterials/KirkhillTA/Profile/KirkhillTACo/tabid/1749/Default.aspx Esterline Engineered Materials - Darchem Engineering, Kirkhill-TA, NMC Aerospace - Esterline Engineered Materials is an industry innovator in solving high-temperature and thermal engineering challenges for the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies
  • http://www.esterline.com/controlandcommunication/Korry/KorryHome.aspx Korry HMI Solutions, Switches, Cockpit Controls, High-Performance Displays, Nightshield Night-Vision Filters - Esterline Control and Communication Systems - Overview of Korry human-machine interface capabilities and products, including switches, cockpit controls, high-performance displays, and Nightshield night-vision filters. Korry solutions from Esterline are used in commercial and military aerospace, land-based, and marine systems worldwide.
  • http://www.esterline.com/LREMedical IVD Instrumentation - IVD Contract Manufacturing - IVD Contract Engineering - LRE Medical GmbH - LRE Medical GmbH - The driving force behind innovations The company behind numerous innovations in optical and amperometric analytical systems is LRE Medical GmbH. Founded in 1961 in Munich, LRE Medical has grown into a multinational company with production sites in Germany and the USA. Together with its strategic partners, it covers the full spread of optical analyticalsystems, from low end/ low cost single parameter analyzers to high end spectroscopes. Applications for the products vary from
  • http://www.esterline.com/controlandcommunication/Mason/MasonHome.aspx Mason Flight Controls & Cursor Controllers - HaWC Controllers - Janco Rotary Products - Esterline Control & Communication Systems - Overview of Mason controls, including control grips, throttles, and HaWC controllers. Mason solutions from Esterline are used in advanced cockpits and military vehicles worldwide.

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  • dreadful Jonquil - Only 1 login per purchase. No hope for families...

    My wife and I bought 2 copies of Spore for our computers. We have 2 kids and planned on letting one play on her computer with her copy and the other playing on my computer with my copy. However the game only allows for 1 login per install. So if I let one of my kids play on my copy they use the same universe and can basically destroy anything I've setup. There appears to be no way to allow a second login to work (which is contrary to other EA games like Sims 2).

  • Rhonda Stahl - eye cream

    Not really impressed with this eye cream...but it's ok. I thought because of the brand it would be awesome and diminish some of my lines but it's not working. :(

  • K. Wilcox - not that great.

    I liked 2010 Big Game Hunter much better than this new one. In 2010 the animals hide behind natural (trees or brush) & in the 2012 they used hunting blinds. The 2012 also loaded too slowly.

  • Megan - you will begin to notice a nice sensation, call it peace

    Helpful but not a miracle book. It lays out the point of simple meditation in very clear terms that did make something click for me. In a nutshell, watch your thoughts roll for a few minutes as if you're watching television. Then, notice the space between your thoughts. Thoughts are not running through your mind in a constant stream. If you look closely, after a while, there are gaps in between the thoughts. Focus on those silent gaps. After focusing on this no-thought for a while, you will begin to notice a nice sensation, call it peace, bliss, quietness, etc. Focus on this good feeling and watch what happens!

  • Mogulmeister - BEWARE....Sage50 software is Hostageware

    Through various companies I have been involved with, I have been a continuous user of Peachtree/Sage software since 1997 (almost 20 years). While the underlying software is good enough, what's happened since Sage took control is that they have taken away your ability to maintain the software's tax tables by yourself, let alone use the payroll function unhindered. The software now will only get updated through its maintenance agreement, which is INCREDIBLY expensive and is not included in the purchase price of the software itself. If you don't pay the annual maintenance cost, the software quickly becomes useless both because you can't update the payroll tax tables, and also because the payroll function stops working without the current year's maintenance agreement. Sage has crossed a line with exerting this level of control over how the software is used by customers unless they pay up--and pay up dearly!