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Home - Education for Health - Welcome to Education for Health. Our vision: everyone living with a Long Term Condition receives high quality care. We are a health education charity.

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  • https://www.educationforhealth.org/news/new-professional-general-practice-nursing-courses/ NEW professional General Practice Nursing course - Education for Health - Two new Professional Clinical Practice courses designed specifically to support newly appointed GPNs and those returning to primary care nursing.

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  • MLMangum - Made my dog sick

    I was relieved to see this product and thought it might work. I had my cocker spaniel's teeth professionally cleaned but her breath is bad. However, I'll put up with bad breathe before giving this to her again. First, she did not like it and ran when she saw that she was about to get it. Then, she got sick in the middle of the night. Not only did she throw up, she kept wanting to go outside, as if she had diarrhea. She was really uncomfortable and kept scratching. It was so bad that I found large clumps of hair the next morning. After 2 nights of this, I decided not to give it to her to identify if this was making her sick. The next day, she did throw up but has not since I stopped. Sadly, I do not recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful Product!

    I LOVE this product!! I started taking it because a distributor was telling me that some of her customers had been able to stop taking their blood pressure meds while on this product. I have high BP, so I thought I would try it. It's done nothing for my BP, but here's what is HAS done: I'm not as tired as I used to be. I don't want to say that I have tons of energy, because I don't. However, I no longer feel exhausted throughout the day, like I could take a nap at any time. It has suppressed my appetite. In the first month, I lost 13lbs and this was OVER the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday. I was able to go down a pants size. I mix mine with orange juice and drink it quickly. It ever so slightly changes the texture, but not really enough to notice. I also don't taste the greens themselves (they're pretty bad alone- think liquid broccoli), but I can taste orange juice. I have also mixed this with Powerade and apple juice. I'm in my third month of taking these products and I still love them. I'm a teacher, and I haven't been sick since starting them. I even avoided a stomach virus in my household. At the end of the day- even if you don't see results- you're getting a full day's worth of fruits and vegetables and for $33/month, it's cheaper than buying that many fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Beverly - Not as good as I'd thought...

    Hubby's been taking it for almost 20 days, and the results have not been very noticeable. He'd tried Nopalea (in the past) for only about a week with great results. It really eased a lot of his pain from two prior back surgeries and an overgrowth of tissue and scars around the area operated in his lower lumbar area. We're sticking to Nopalea!

  • L. Gaulin - Core set to get started with.

    As advertised. Contained enough Mana to build multiple decks but very few cards that would be a foundation/keystone to build said decks.

  • anon - and this knife is great for my job

    im an irrigation service tech, and this knife is great for my job. so nice to have screwdrivers on a normal pocket knife sized...well pocketknife.