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  • anarosales - This book explains everything really good..

    This book explains everything really good... From how a person gets diagnosed to how they are treated..

  • Sherri C. - had a virus attack, tech support not very helpful ...

    had a virus attack, tech support not very helpful, customer service not helpful, had to put back on Microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes anti- malware to clean computer next time will try Norton!

  • Amazon Customer - Great quality but...

    Their marketing is awesome! Company is awesome! Their beds are awesome.... for the right people. My relationship with this bed lasted about as long as a Taylor Swift relationship. They are much firmer than we had anticipated. The Goldilocks on the video (Mallory from Studio C) showed that she jumped onto the bed like it was a soft cloud of loving embrace. When I did it, it was a loving bill from a chiropractor. My wife uses a Fitbit and it tracks her sleep patterns. After getting the Purple and trying it for 30-40 days her sleep patterns were noticeably worse. I on the other hand, do not have a Fitbit so my only indicator of whether I slept well was how I felt in the morning. I can honestly say that by mid way through the trial, I felt similar to Frodo when he was sleeping in the valley of Mordor and dodging orcs. My back hurt and could only think of getting my trial over with so I could return to the Shire.

  • Black endorsement - this stuff works, even for Black people

    Something that many people of color know when shopping for personal care products is to pay very close attention to whether or not a particular product works for "us" as well. Well this stuff does. I don't think I will realistically ever be able to grow waves again, but using this product at least buys me a few days before my balding spot becomes too noticeable. I also happened to have a prescription for Tretinoin from my dermatologist and read articles online that using the two products together can enhance hair growth. So I use both, only using the Tretinoin in the mornings.

  • Chryssie - Hair Growth!!!

    This stuff really really works. I use it and you see results really fast. You can also mix it with profective for hair growth and that dual is the bomb.com

  • Lucia Ellis - Very satisfied w/the promptness of the delivery date

    Very satisfied w/the promptness of the delivery date. Was delivered right on time. The book has been very useful, filled w/lots of knowledge & great information.

  • Michael - Full of Quality Function

    I am someone who does not have great balance. I slip and fall all the time, so in areas like the shower I want something that will allow me to stay upright, yet be comfortable to my feet.