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City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • packersfan - Cool product, easy instal

    Cool product, easy instal.. Only problem I have is that there is no control from the steering wheel buttons for changing songs (volume does work to control)

  • Rose St. Andrews - Super Hot Sexy Story

    This is one super hot story! I just wanted to get that out of the way upfront. Anya Summers has created a book so blazing that it almost hurt my fingers to hold my kindle. The sex is graphic and wild, as a good portion of it takes place in an adult club that specializes in BDSM, and Veronica – Roni – and Hunter are two wild people with some definite history. They had a fling ten years ago that resulted in a child, and Roni never told Hunter about his son. This is the source of friction between them as their relationship is rekindled during a weekend together at a family wedding. That they’re ultimately able to get through it is handled quite well by the author. She definitely knows how to write sex scenes! If you love spanking with your sex, you may have a bit of a disappointment here, the actual punishments are fewer than the sex, but that’s a minor point. Also, Anya does an incredible job in creating her characters, especially Roni. The story takes place in Scotland, and Roni and everything about her is so well-defined that I truly felt I knew her and where/how she lived. So much so that I felt I needed a shot of Scotch whiskey after reading it! My only negative, and it’s a small one, is that Anya sometimes gets a bit wordy in her descriptions. She could have trimmed a few scenes and they would have been fine. I lost track of how many times she told us Hunter had green/emerald eyes. However, that’s a minor issue. Overall, a truly great story!