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Easy Auscultation Training | Heart and Lung Sounds - Learn essential auscultation skills. Free heart and lung sound training with text, audio, and video. Taking blood pressure lessons. Quizzes and quick reference guides.

  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/heart-murmur Heart Murmur | Lesson | Heart Sounds - Overview of heart murmur. Practice recognizing murmurs with our recordings, patient cases and quizzes. Learn where and how to listen.
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/auscultation-repetition-training Heart and Lungs Sounds Training by Repetition. - Learn heart and lung sounds using the repetition method. See CHEST article, 2004 by Michael J. Barrett
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/lung-sounds Lung Sounds | Over 50 Lessons, Reference Guides and Quiz - Learn lung sounds using our lessons and virtual patient cases. Our lesson include patient recordings, text and waveforms. Quizzes and cases provide simulated patient experience.
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/taking-blood-pressure Taking Blood Pressure Guide - Pediatric and Hypertension Cases - Learn how to take blood pressure. Practice reading blood pressure using our virtual patient and sphygmomanometer
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/measuring-blood-pressure Measuring Blood Pressure - Taking Blood Pressure - Practice measuring blood pressure. Learn to read blood pressure. Taking blood pressure can be easy to master with our virtual sphygmomanometer.
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/heart-lung-sounds-reference-guide Heart and Lung Sounds Reference Guide and Library - Heart and lung sounds - auscultation reference guide with audio, waveforms and listening tips
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/lung-sounds-reference-guide Auscultating The Lungs - Reference Guide to Adventitious Lung Sounds - A quick reference guide for 20 common lung sounds. Includes audio, listening tips and waveform.
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/medical-terminology Medical Terminology - Use our personalized flashcard system to review medical terminology. Our system is designed for long-term retention, but also serves as a quick refresh. Great for exam preparation.
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/Account/register Registration | Easy Auscultation Website - Registration page for www.easyauscultation.com. Registration unlocks free course progress tracking and flashcard individualized learning. Free.
  • http://www.easyauscultation.com/heart-murmurs Heart Murmur Introduction - Overview of heart murmur. How to listen. Where to listen. What to observe. Designed for all medical professionals.

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    My son is a gamer and wanted this for his birthday. He likes it, says it is comfortable. He said it is suppose to be more responsive than a regular mouse and although he hasn't really noticed it, he said he is glad he got it.

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    This product was suggested to me by a group of nurses. The doctors that they work for recommend this to their patients. So, I had to try it. I've been using it for over a year and it definitely works. I don't have to take it year round because my allergies are seasonal and I have learned to use it during the high seasons of fall and spring. I DO, however, have a friend who was on the brink of steroid shots and perhaps surgery to try to eliminate her debilitating allergies. She started taking this after I recommended it to her and now, has no problem. That's pretty amazing!

  • SoCALgirl - Amazing how dependent we are on these systems

    Makes one much more aware of bias and the potential for it in all that we take for granted. Amazing how dependent we are on these systems,