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  • http://www.e-vetmed.org/sportmax-lameness-anti-inflammatory.html Sportmax is a natural, legal anti inflammatory, fast acting. - Superfix Equine Health Solutions - Sportmax is a natural anti-inflammatory and immune boost used by the top 16% of trainers in the UK and Ireland.
  • http://www.e-vetmed.org/gastro-g-treatment-for-gastric-ulcers.html natural treatments for gastric ulcers in horses - Superfix Equine Health Solutions - Gastrogard, generic omeprazole, ranitidine, cimetidine are expensive and need a prescription and withdrawal before racing. Once the treatment stops the ulcers return, many horse owners with young horses are shocked to find that their cover for ulcer treat
  • http://www.e-vetmed.org/setfree-for-tying-up.html Natural alternative for horses with symptoms of tying up and muscle stiffness or soreness - Superfix Equine Health Solutions - Natural supplement for horses with stiff sore muscles and those that tie up. Latest update on the science of why horses tie up and o are affected by EPSSM.
  • http://www.e-vetmed.org/news.html Research into horses that bleed from the lungs - Superfix Equine Health Solutions - Find out about the latest research project using metabolomics to look at underlying causes of EEIPH in racehorses. A new therapy is in the process of being developed and will be ready for sale in Autumn 2016

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  • SupaMom - Too expensive, but it really IS that good.

    A great product, especially as an all in one. Shampoo, then condition, then put in some of this magic and go on your merry way. Leaves my hair smooth, soft, smelling great, and the texture is just unbelievable. The only reason I'm not giving this five stars is the price. Just too much for a small bottle of goo, but I will be back for more. Was eye-ing another product to try and compare to this, but the other one is no longer available, so I guess that makes me a happy, captive audience.

  • Pam Montague - The Arthritis Cure

    One of the most informative books I have read on the subject. Easy to read and understand. Dr. Theo says it best.

  • Mariodinky - Doesn't work as advertised.

    I have used an entire bottle trying to clean one toilet and it might be 10% better but this product doesn't do what they advertise in my opinion.

  • marie - Now i do not have to worry when im driving

    I work at a humane society and i am always driving dogs to vet appointments. Most of the dogs we have ride great in the car but we get a few that get very nervous in the car and move around a lot. I was looking for a way to keep them in one area of my car and i stumbled upon this OMore [2 Pack] Pet Safety Leads Car Vehicle Seat Belt Harness Seatbelt for Dogs/Cats, Nylon Material, 16-25 inch Adjustable - Black so i purchased it right away. This arrived quickly so i was able to use it the next time i had to transport a dog to the vet. I clicked it into my seat belt and then to the dog. I really really like that the length is adjustable so now matter what size dog you are using this for it will work. I used it for a bigger dog and it worked great. He stayed in my back seat and i had no issues with it. This is definitely a must for anyone who has dogs that ride in their car. This will definitely make your worries go away and keep any accidents from happening with the dogs that move a lot.

  • my3girls - Great shampoo for my dog.

    I bought this Mane n' tale shampoo to use on my boxer dog. Her fur feels very soft and smells so good after using it. It works better than any dog shampoo I have purchased from the pet store and is only a fraction of the cost.

  • William Hastings - T25 vs. P90X3 Pros and Cons

    I'd like to write a review directly comparing T25 to P90X3, as I have now completed both. My backstory: 42 year old male, have been working out by weight training and running since I was 15, in decent shape but nothing crazy. About a year ago I decided to streamline my workouts by doing P90X3, and took to it very well. I completed the program (plus the "Elite Block" of workouts containing Complex Upper, Lower, and Ab Ripper optional workouts). Once completed, I repeated the program for a second time.