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  • SuLu - I like this brand, and the mix of ingredients in this particular supplement sound promising...

    I bought this for one of my daughters who is interested in the health benefits of cranberries, pomegranates and other red fruits. I recently bought some dried goji berries for her to incorporate into her menus and she liked that idea, so I thought she might like to try a supplement targeting these berries as well. In reading the product description and the potential benefits for cardiovascular health, I decided I would like to try this supplement, too, but when I was looking into the ingredients I found that goji berries might interact with some prescription drugs that I take (darn).

  • D. Orlando - A fantastic buy - Powerful and Speedy

    I previously owned the first Chromebook 2 with the Celeron N2840 processor. This new i3 is smoking fast, and with the integrated graphics it plays 60fps youtube videos without any chunk. Web surfing is a breeze, and the WiFi connectivity is extremely strong. Zero crashes since buying this or my previous one, and I use it 8 hours per day. The only downside and reason to not buy the Core-i3 equipped unit is if you want a 100% fanless computer. This does have a small fan, which is not annoying, but it does take getting used to coming from a fanless unit. Also, the keyboard illumination is easily adjusted by using Alt+[ScreenBright} or Alt+[ScreenDim] function keys.

  • sunny - My mom loves it.

    I ordered a few Skincerity bottles for my mom. After a few weeks, she told me it really works. I think it's expensive but it works well. I should try it next time.

  • Dakota larsen - Fantastic Pin, just looks like Tywin Lanister's !

    It looks very much like the Hand of the King pin from Game of Thrones whose function works flawlessly.It's of high quality and I like it.I will recommend it to others!

  • paul m dupont - Easy to use and it coats corners and small areas ...

    I was worried two bottles would not be enough to coat all 10 large window shutters, but we finished with over a half bottle left. Easy to use and it coats corners and small areas without much trouble. This was done almost two months ago and the shutters still look nice and dark blue. Time will tell how long the color lasts, but so far, so good.

  • J. Pate - awesome bmx bike

    I love this bike. Nothing has gone since I've had it. People say stuff about the handel bars sliping but i have had no problems since i tightend the screws tightly. When you take it out of the box it is already almost fully assembled. The head's screws are tight so what i did is put a dish cloth over the allen kee so it would not hurt my hands when i ajusted it. I have put this bike through a lot and it is good as new. It is very light and i would reccomind this bike for anyone who wants a fast bike that is rugged good for dirt and crusing along the naborhood or just jumping ramps.