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    Why would you buy a drug that is sold at 7-eleven as their own brand, Kirkland 600 count for less than 10$ at over twelve times the cost... Do yourselves the favor and read the ingredients on all the drugs that you are considering buying and determine what it actually is...

  • JenFrago - A must-have for any kitchen!!!

    We've only been using this for a week, but it only took minutes to find out that this was something special. The trial run wasn't a success, mostly because I didn't have the balance of ingredients right. As I keep using it, though, it's fast becoming the most valuable appliance in our kitchen. We love the single-serving containers to make smoothies and other drinks (iced coffee is my favorite). I made cookies last night and decided to use the bowl attachment. In the past, mixing the dough for one batch usually took about 10 minutes, but last night I had two batches of dough and a pan in the oven within the same amount of time! I can't say enough good things about the Ninja, and I sound like the infomercial when I tell everyone about it. This weekend I'll be experimenting with margaritas!