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  • Mackinaw512 - Clean and Dependable

    Loving Paul Mitchell products. Awapuhi shampoo is by far my favorite Paul Mitchell product. It's proven itself for an easy and clean shampoo. A must have.

  • skacleve - Too good to be true - even if effective, it's toxic

    What is the cost of beauty? Before I ordered, I went online to read reviews. One that shocked me is on Huffington Post, which warns of the toxicity of Perricone products. Among the dangers, it states "Accordingly, the Environmental Working Group rated 25 of Perricone's products as posing moderate to high hazards.' " It describes nanoparticles, which are in these products: "However, the use of nanoparticles in cosmeceuticals poses a generally unrecognized major public health hazard. Nanoparticles readily penetrate skin, and can invade underlying blood vessels and produce distant toxic effects, including brain degenerative disorders and nerve damage." huffingtonpost.com/samuel-s-epstein/skin-care-the-unrecognize_b_418900.html

  • Stella Nera - BUYER BEWARE - 2013 Edition is not standard Sorry game!

    The 2013 edition is very different from regular Sorry. The directions imply that it can be played traditionally (i.e. without the "fire" and "ice" tokens), but the cards are not written in such a way as to make this feasible. In fact, the way the cards are written makes even non-traditional game play confusing and contradictory. It seems as if this modified version was never tested with actual players. I was very disappointed by this purchase.

  • forte - updated player list

    Just what I was looking for...a consistently updated player ranking list with projections. Works fine for me on original Kindle, though I do have to click on it twice for it to run. Some of the projections are not updated, but the rankings are, and player news is timely as well

  • W. Gobel - The sheath is also very nice; no cheap components

    What a flashlight! The current price point for this quality is currently upward of $70 ... and it even comes with a spare tailcap button rubber and a spare O Ring seal. The sheath is also very nice; no cheap components. The light is crystal clear and very usable; most of the time I use the flashlight in the #2 position @ 20 lumens. The firefly mode (0.2 lumens) can actually be shined into one's eyes without discomfort ... and is supremely useful for close-up work. The rated endurance at firefly mode with a standard 2600 battery is rated at 1,585 hours ... with my 3400 mAh Panasonic 18650 protected batteries, I expect that figure should be right about 1,800 hours or more. Phenomenal endurance! Level #5 is over a thousand lumens ... and the strobe is dazzling and blinding. Wild animals will move away from it out of fear and blindness, so it's good for field work out in the wild.

  • JRFM - Very nice and great child test product

    Wonderful product, it takes me back to my time as a little boy in Costa Rica and a lizard shown me a magical garden where dreams can come true, but then it was just a dream, wolves are trying to break into my house and I worry they have weapons, don't combine this item with a blood sacrifice, they should have mentioned that in the instructions.

  • C. Robledo - Fast, effective oil

    Seriously, they're not kidding when they label this oil as "fast". This oil works right away to make those sticky valves well lubricated. Plus, it can last you for a couple of years assuming that you use it sparingly and only when necessary.