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Landscaping ideas, photos and lawn advice with gardening tips for landscapers, gardeners and lawn care - Robert M Donnan shares 40 years of landscape experience to provide landscaping advice on tree and shrub planting, lawn maintenance, renovation of lawns, shrub pruning and trimming, mulch and mulching, new landscapes and renovations, along with gardening ideas from professional gardeners using thousands of photos and images with photographs of flowers and trees.

  • http://www.donnan.com/beds.htm Ornamental Beds - Planters and Raised Beds in the Landscape - Information about shrub beds, planters and raised flower beds as well as a video on edging a shrub bed.
  • http://www.donnan.com/soil.htm Soil or Dirt | Lawn, Landscape and Garden Soils - Soil care - adjusting the pH and tilth of your garden soil greatly affects the growth and health of plants.
  • http://www.donnan.com/problems.htm Problems in Landscaping illustrated with photos - Problems in the landscape include many weather related conditions including wind, ice and snow shown here with photos
  • http://www.donnan.com/landscaping-pages.htm Landscaping pages :: Information on landscape topics - Information and photos of landscaping projects involving trees and shrubs in landscape planters and beds.
  • http://www.donnan.com/faqs.htm Landscaping FAQ | Frequently asked questions about yard care, plant culture and the correct maintenance of home landscaping - This FAQ provides concise answers about yard care and maintenance topics about planting, maintaining plants, yard care and home plantings.
  • http://www.donnan.com/hardscape.htm Hardscape including Patios, Walks, and Walls - Patios, walks and walls make up the hardscape in your landscape and help with the over all flow.
  • http://www.donnan.com/trees.htm Trees Poem | Pears, Dogwoods, Maples, Magnolias, Oaks and Shade Trees - Trees provide us with food, shelter, shade and memories of the past enough to be the inspiration of poetry like the poem Trees.
  • http://www.donnan.com/Sandys_Garden.htm Sandy's Garden Column | Gardening and landscaping tips from Sandy Feather - Timely gardening advice from garden columnist Sandy Feather with varied garden columns on landscapes and gardens. Sandy writes about important gardening and landscape issues of great interest to gardeners and home gardeners.
  • http://www.donnan.com/Master-Gardeners.htm Master Gardeners Tips :: Garden tips and gardening advice from Master Gardeners - Master Gardeners offer gardening tips and garden advice for growing your best garden and most attractive landscape.
  • http://www.donnan.com/blog.htm bob's blog at donnan.com - Bob's Blog is about gardening, landscaping and topics of horticultural and philosophical interest.
  • http://www.donnan.com/cities-and-townships.htm Information for cities and townships in Pennsylvania and West Virginia including historical information - Information for some of the cities and townships in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • http://www.donnan.com/WPIAL-2.htm WPIAL News : Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League news for 2016-2017 - WPIAL sports news for WPIAL Class 1A, WPIAL Class 2A, WPIAL Class 3A, WPIAL Class 4A, WPIAL Class 5A and WPIAL Class 6A.
  • http://www.donnan.com/lawn-clover.htm Planting lawn clover : Miniclover and Microclover - Some species of clover are meant for planting in lawns and growing clover in a lawn has benefits.
  • http://www.donnan.com/straw-bale-gardening.htm Straw Bale Gardening :: Garden without Soil - Garden without soil after conditioning your straw bales for a couple weeks following these instructions.
  • http://www.donnan.com/purposeful-gardening.htm Gardening with Purpose :: It is a beautiful time for gardening - Changing the product and dynamics in order to achieve gardening with a greater sense of purpose.
  • http://www.donnan.com/preventing-crabgrass.htm Preventing Crabgrass | Why crabgrass pre-emergent herbicides fail - Crabgrass preventers fail for multiple reasons including timing of application and weather conditions.
  • http://www.donnan.com/best-flowers-2015.htm Best Flowers at the 2015 Penn State Master Gardener Trials - Lists of the best flowers from the Penn State Extension trial gardens in North Park and South Park.
  • http://www.donnan.com/petunias-blooming.htm Why Petunias will stop blooming - Petunias can stop blooming due to hot humid weather or a lack of fertilizer and regular maintenance called deadheading.
  • http://www.donnan.com/blog_being-selective.htm What if I used the wrong weed killer? - Some weedkillers are selective and others are nonselective so be sure to use the right one.
  • http://www.donnan.com/blog_get-suckered.htm What is growing with my tree? - Suckers growing from the roots of a crabapple tree can take over and become the tree.
  • http://www.donnan.com/blog_Magnolia-blossoms.htm bob's blog - early Magnolia blossoms - The eternal question about cold damage to early blossoms - this time on Saucer Magnolia trees.
  • http://www.donnan.com/blog_Check-Trees.htm Check your trees in Spring for tight guy wire supports - It is important to check your trees in the spring of the year for any sort of guy wires, tree wraps or supports wrapped around and constricting the trunk before new growth and expansion of the trunk occurs.

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  • Shadow Music - DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT

    Do not buy this product. I have tried various brands of refilled laser cartridges but they were not available in my last order, so I ordered these based on the reviews I read which were good. Perhaps I just got a bad batch. I have used it for about 25 pages, then ran into trouble and had to shake it - then it was good for 6 more pages. Now, just over 30 pages and I can't print with it at all. Unfortunately I ordered three of them so this is a total waste of 60$. Judging from the reviews, you may be lucky with this product - but you may also be pouring money down the drain.

  • paolo sabatini - Bad parts, zero customer service

    Atomix Auto should not be trusted to provide quality products for your vehicle, or to correct a problem that they obviously knew existed when they sent me these cross bars (they had been repackaged by the last guy unlucky enough to do business with these losers). One of the mounting devices had a thumbscrew with threads stripped so bad I couldn't get it to turn using two channel-lock pliers. After my second email requesting a replacement part, they sent the wrong part. Numerous (more than 10) phone calls over the last 30 days were answered with a direct transition to voicemail and my messages have still not been returned. Got Amazon rep to authorize return and now hoping against hope that all shipping costs (both ways) will be refunded by a company that won't even answer the phone. Negative stars!!

  • Christina angenete - Smells amazing

    Has an orange cocobutter smell lovely. It feels nice and i think its doing its job. Its still early im only 4 months we'll see if it keeps the stretchies at bay.