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  • Ivette - Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

    I have been trying to lose weight, coincidentally heard about Isagenix and ordered it the same day. "A gentleman at a restaurant refused to have dessert because he didn't want to ruin his amazing results. According to him he had lost around 12 pounds in 9 days. He was not trying to sell the product, so I tried to remember the product name and ordered it as soon as I got home." The chocolate shake was delicious as well as the chocolate snack, but as the days passed they were a punishment to me; I wanted a warm meal instead. I needed two days for the pre-cleansing. The third day, which was going to be my first cleansing day, I woke up and noticed that the ceiling was spinning. I got up and lost my balance. At this point I thought about driving to work the following day and how I needed to be in good physical health. I had the courage to continue, but would you like to collide with a dizzy driver? This was serious! I had a small bowl of sugar free cereal and fat-free milk. Two hours later I was OK and decided to continue with the diet. After that I never got dizzy again. The only problem was hunger. The cleansing days I was allowed to drink water and a special juice (liquid cleanse). I cannot tell you that my energy level was extraordinary, but I wasn't weak either. I panicked when I noticed that I had to take some Natural Accelerator Capsules. I started with half of a capsule to see if I had a bad reaction. I suffer from rapid heart beat and anything as simple as cola, tea or seasonings can affect the pace of my heart. While on the cleansing I had to go to training after work. I was learning to use a computer program and was impressed that I followed all the steps and didn't get lost. I get distracted easily, so I really wonder if the diet helped me to focus. This was the first time of my life that I had been able to cope with my inattention problems. To make the story short (too late for that), I finished the pre-cleansing and cleansing. My only fault was to eat the bowl of cereal I told you about. Before the cleansing the scale had been fluctuating between 135-140 pounds from day to day. Isagenix just made sure that my weight was 135 steady pounds and the scale stopped its little game. The last two cleansing days I lost another pound. I care more about achieving permanent results without jeopardazing my health. I didn't lose water, but body fat. One pound of fat is a lot. Would I do it again? I don't know.

  • Regina Medley - Power juice

    I mix with orange juice & even put in freezer to make extremely cold.....this helps to drink it. The end result is an overall feel good feeling, & also decreases appetite. Win win for me!!

  • A. Lee - Honest Review

    Great product for those of us that would like to find a cheaper way to still have a professional look. True this starter kit offers quite small bottles, I still feel like you get a lot of bang for your buck. & it gives you a chance to see if you like the quality of the product and a DIY product. (I know a lot of people like to be pampered and go to the spa as they do not have time to DIY- which is also fine) For me the polish lasted 2 weeks. My mother's nails grow slower and it lasted for about a month!