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  • Annette Gettis - Just OK

    I've been using Microsoft Money for years and love how easy it keeps track of bank accounts and spending. However, Microsoft has dropped it and I needed something to take it's place. Therefore, I purchased Quicken. Not as user friendly as Microsoft Money, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. In the event my computer crashes, I won't be able to get Microsoft software. The main reason I chose Quicken, was the ability to access from I-Pad. Not the same access as on the laptop! Right now I am using both programs just in case.

  • Briefus - It worked a little, but still ripped out the carpet

    It was okay. 3 stars because I did better than some other stuff we've tried, but no more than 3 because we still ended up ripping the carpet out due to the odor. In our case, the urine had already soaked through to the padding, so this was a last ditch effort. I'll try to use this again in the future if we have anymore accidents on the new carpet, and update the review later.

  • Afool&hismoney - How slow can you go?

    If you enjoy having your web surfing experience slowed to a crawl, Mcafee Family Protection is just the thing. Furthermore, it fails to filter all browsers so if you have multiple browser choices, chances are that unfiltered web surfing is just a click away. After much hunting, we switched to Qustodio. Not only did the free version do the job for us, Qustodio works on Apple products as well as PC's so if you have multiple devices it is one stop shopping. Best of all, it doesn't noticeably slow down the performance of PCs or Ipad whatsoever! If I were rating Qustodio, I would give it 5 stars.

  • justme - A sad rip-off -- and I've been an Adobe user, customer and fan for 20 years. No more.

    I was thinking about upgrading my old Photoshop suite. So signed up for a free trial on this. Adobe charged me before the free trial period was over, and when I called about it, said if I attempted to cancel, they would be billing me $162 in an early termination fee. So much for a free trial. What a rip-off! I am now disputing the monthly charge with my credit card company and had to cancel the card to prevent them from charging me any further. It's bad enough that they attempt to charge users every.single.month for a software that is part of the business workflow at so many creative, low-profit-margin, self-owned businesses, and that is used by so many artists and students, but then to see them reduce the free trial to 7 days and then to charge you for the software halfway through those 7 days, and hold your credit card number hostage. Wow. Very disappointed in you, Adobe Team. I have used Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, InDesign, Pagemaker, Lightroom, Premiere and Aftereffects for years, and routinely used to buy upgrades. Guess that's going by the wayside. Way to alienate your most loyal clients, Adobe. If I could give them zero stars I would. Amazon needs a giant red thumbs down sign, and I would heartily give Adobe 5 of them in a row.

  • JAMES J. DIGNUM - Excellent Printer

    After reading the reviews I was a bit worried to order this product, but with the way my clients use their equipment a low cost printer was ideal. Firstly I didn't even use the CD or manual. Any tech who knows their way around a computer can install this in seconds. After plugging in the Unit I was able to set this specific printer up with Windows Generic/Text driver and switched the paper type to A3. With this set everything was working completely fine. Clients are now alot happier after going to these thermal printer as oppose to older serial Epsons.