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  • K. Oliver - No complaints

    How can you complain against the American Medical Association-it wouldn't help. The book is laid out so that coders can see the the color coding from a side view which is great.

  • Sarah - Awesome

    I love OPI Products anyway, the glow with this is strong, and it is a fairly clear tint, so it can be layered over other products and not effect their color too much; but still giving them a lovely glow.

  • mizzstepwhyte - My boys love it... I love it too---saving me money on dentist bad news.

    I bought this for my sons who share a bathroom; wanted a oral irrigator to promote healthy teeth and gums while reducing the risk of gum disease after they brush. Saw the product description and the reviews and thought this would be the perfect solution for them to use so that every 6 months we don't get the 'bad news' associated with their teeth. I initially priced one of these at various Brick & Mortar stores and was offended by the astronomical price of the units and happened across the SmarToiletries version and decided to get it for them.

  • TexasLady - Body by VI

    I was introduced to this shake mix in south Texas...The first time I tried it mixed with fruit. The shake gave me such an energy boost. I take med's and mornings can be difficult...One of these shakes with bananas,blueberries, strawberries or even malted milk mix, allows enough energy to go through the day without feeling weak or hungry-due to lack of protein. It is a wonderful energy drink and weight loss aide...Best thing I have found to help me get up, and get going.