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  • M. F. Hampton - Breathing free

    I love it. I've used neti pots in the past. This took a little getting used to. I couldn't get the water to flow at first. I really had to press hard on the button, but it finally worked. Once that little hurdle was crossed, this thing works great! I can finally breathe freely.

  • Seth P. - "This is honestly, easily the most noticeably effective supplement I've ever taken.."

    I've struggled with anxiety issues throughout life, and I'm now a 21 year old adult male and I found this product to work like no other.. It's a powder you put in a drink, works best with hot water, and it really helps chill me out. I get the unflavored stuff, which already has a slight citrus tang to it, but there are many flavors as well and I've tried a few. Goes good with stuff like tea, honey and apple cider vinegar, I add chia seeds to it as well sometimes. I'd highly recommend as it is a magnesium supplement that apparently has high absorption and from my experience I can truly FEEL.. Within minutes too! :) I've taken other forms of Magnesium, like Magnesium oxide in pill form, and didn't notice any effects, this however, really works. This is honestly, easily the most noticeably effective supplement I've ever taken.. I bought a 16oz about three months ago, and I've taken it every night, save for less than five nights I might've skipped over the months, and I just restocked because I'm just now running low. Admittedly, I due take a smaller dose than recommended but that just goes to show how great this stuff is.. A half dose or so before bed every night, does wonders. There are many factors in life, but since I started taking this, I don't really have anxiety attacks, I don't really freak out, I just roll with my life, even when it gets hard. It's not that I don't care about stressors, I just don't freak out so much when they come up. It's like this supplement has helped inject reason and realism into me when I reach a struggle, and thus it makes those struggles less of a struggle. Like I mentioned earlier, I only take it once a day, before bed, and it seems to have lasting effects that help with brain function and anxiety levels, it's only the immediate effects that are strong enough to make me chill into a sleep, but overall I'd say it helps me become more of the functional human I'd like to be. I hope someone or many find this review helpful. :)