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Desert Sky Animal Hospital; Dr Kellee Blackwell, Veterinarian - We are a small animal hospital providing services to dogs and cats in Glendale, AZ 85308 and surrounding areas. Dr. Kellee Blackwell's new veterinary practice. Dr. Blackwell has been a veterinarian since 2002. Follow us on twitter and facebook to find out about our specials.

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  • Justin B. - Half price of other brands

    I absolutely love this cup and the fact that the lid and straw scam with that was a great Plus for a great price. Only downside is that one of the lids dont seal tight, which makes it difficult to pick it up from the top. I still love it and will continue to use that I'll just be very careful when I'm using that lid and picking it up

  • Connie - A beautiful lightbarabut where to install it??

    Arrived promptly and is an attractivve light bar. Just what we wanted. Have not installed it yet because cannot decide whether to install it on toop of my side by side or on the front bumper. Any advice??

  • annam - Accidentally shaved off an entire eyebrow with one of the guards

    I liked this razor until I attempted to use it on my eyebrows... I used the 4mm guard and it didn't do anything so I used the 2mm guard and it practically shaved off one of my eyebrows completely! Im very upset! 😩

  • S. Magliocco - It works well

    Shipping was incredibly fast. I had the treadmill within days of my order. Trust me - have the delivery company bring the package into the house because it's VERY heavy.

  • Angie - Bye Bye Redness is right!

    I highly recommend this product. It works great for me, I don't have very red skin but I use this as a cover up. I also viewed Megan Rossette on Youtube to be sure I wanted the product, and yes. Great product. You don't get very much of it, the bottle is small unfortunately.

  • Lisa Schutte - I had the foonf and was very happy to learn they would be coming our with the ...

    I had the foonf and was very happy to learn they would be coming our with the Fllo. As promised it is lighter, lower, and creates less of a blind spot. Both my 10 month old and toddler have one each and it's fits them well. My only complaint is I feel they went cheap on the crotch strap protector (the thing that keeps you from pinching clothes or legs) and the shoulder pads. This applies to both the foonf and the fllo equally. For $400 you'd think they could splurge a bit and create something with actual comfort in mind. But both are easily remedied. Other than that I have no complaints, it's a seat that gives me peace of mind! Oh and Clek... really you should be including the drink thingy in all seat purchases... that's just insulting. Really.

  • cpenn813 - No more windex

    I saw this shown on qvc. I didn't want all the extra stuff that came in the kit from qvc, so I decided to look here. I've had a million different glass cleaners that none are as great as they claim. I use this with a microfiber cloth and i've had no problem. My tvs and mirrors are finally streak free!!!