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  • David Eizinger - Great, lightweight helmet

    This was everything I wanted it to be, Lightweight (!), good strap system easily adjustable for a comfortable fit, and it provides plenty of ventilation. It's pricey, but I'm glad I upgraded to this from a lower-end Giro. The improved ventilation was worth it. Don't pay full price, wait for a sale!

  • Chris oliver - Great Song!

    Awesome song from a great album. You cant go wrong with Phil Collins, the man basically defined the 80s. :)

  • Laura H. - Worked for a couple of weeks

    I was able to install this program and use it for a period of time. Then, it would not allow me to edit docs and locked up, I got an error message that it was an unlicensed product. Now, I see. I will need to purchase Microsoft Office in order to make this work. Since this requirement is not clear upon purchase, I decided to return it. However, this problem started after a few weeks so I am no longer able to return the program. BIG WASTE! I paid $90 for a program to work for a few weeks. Created one doc with typos that make it useless since I am unable to edit the program.

  • Michael Linnehan - The choice was clear...

    My car recently died (blew the engine and all four tires/rims in a death drift race). I was strapped for cash and could either afford a 1995 Honda Civic with a dragon painted on one side or these cables. I went down to the corner liquor store, bought myself some Mad Dog 20/20, chugged it, passed out and woke up three days later to these cables on my doorstep. I immediately started freaking out. "Oh my God! I need a car, not speaker cables!" I exclaimed between violent heaves from the bender three days prior. Little did I know, these cables CAME WITH A 2001 NISSAN 350Z WITH 110K MILES! I was wondering why they were so expensive (no moron would ever pay over $100 for one speaker cable :P). Now my 350Z (I named it Michelle) and I drive around the world, racing in underground leagues to avenge the death of my family.

  • Jacquelyn R - This is a great conditioner for my color treated hair

    This is a great conditioner for my color treated hair. I leave it in overnight, and it really helps the dryness.

  • ricknyc - works for me!

    Okay, I'm only 10 weeks in, but already I can see that Rogaine works! I'm very pleased with my hair growth. (Sorry have no pictures to show.) My hair looks and feels thicker after only a short time. I think it's important to catch your hair loss at the right time, before you're completely bald. Seems to me the minoxidil is more effective at strengthening existing hairs, than regrowing lost hair.