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  • Kissa - Great carrier!

    I was super excited about getting this for my massive cat. She's 25lbs should be 14). The regular square cat carriers are horrible for her. We literally have to spend an hour to get her into the square case every time she goes to the vet (at least 2x a year). This carrier makes it so much easier! It is literally a godsend. We took her to the vet the day after receiving and it was SO MUCH easier to get her in!

  • Michael White - I'm a pretty annoyed with MS at the moment over this software

    I'm a pretty annoyed with MS at the moment over this software. While it does meet my needs , our office does a lot of encryption and data handling, even though it is a small office. When I first looked at Windows server 2012 R2, it said it could handle up to 2 TB of ram. There was nothing indicating that this was only for the full version, and that the essentials had a 64 GB forced limitation. Frankly, this is bulls***. The OS shouldn't have a purposely created limitation. I can buy the user limitation, but not for something like memory. I don't see the justification. This is a limitation on Hardware, not on users, and I don't think it is valid.

  • Melissa J. - Tasty, helpful tea!

    I have been drinking this tea every morning for only a few days so far, as well as taking a Kapha capsule supplement (Ayurveda Body-Type Kapha by Irwin Naturals 90 Softgel) for the same length of time, and I already feel GREAT! I've always had a tendency to feel like my head was a little "foggy", especially lately when I've had a lot of stress and felt a bit depressed. But since drinking this tea and taking the supplement, my mind feels totally clear--more clear than I think I've ever felt before! It's amazing! I feel like I can finally THINK! And, I am feeling much more alert and like I can be productive--even from the moment I wake up, before I even have my tea in the morning! Hopefully that means I'll never feel the need for caffeine in the morning, again....

  • William Fife - Great Resource

    I had an older edition and the newer edition is just as great. Great for a new practitioner or someone just looking for a refresher. The forms are great too.

  • retroclassic - Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

    So disappointed to see this bra discontinued! There is nothing else like it! Have worn this style bra for years almost exclusively for a reason-its so comfortable and is great for smaller to medium busted women esp. with bigger band sizes. The cups are smooth and shaping without looking fake and the lace band doesn't bind while giving support with freedom of movement. I sleep in these bras without discomfort. I wear a 38B or 38C and love the 3 hook back wide band as it helps give support and hide back fat as weight fluctuates. Please Warners, bring this Bra back!!!!