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  • AZhome - Yum, Yum

    One of my favorite protein powders! I don't handle dairy well and so many vegan powders are chalky that I was having a hard time finding one that wasn't full of fillers and tasted good. Plant Fusion is like powdered sugar (not sweet but the texture of the mix), it mixes well even in just a shaker with ice. I like it with either water (if I have to take it on the run) or with non-dairy milk in a blender. If you are a coffee drinker, you can make strong coffee, mix with couple tbl of coconut cream, 1-2 scoops of the protein, blend in ice to consistency you like. Coffee can be subbed out for strong chocolate flavor tea.

  • BERNICE - Easy to use directory

    The guide is easy to use, answers questions about procedures. Also is very frank about procedures that do not work correctly and the best way to complete or avoid. All programs have 'quirks' ....it is much easier to read about them than to spend a lot of time avoiding them.

  • Dianna Hamilton - Dissatisfied with the product want a refund.

    I had a bad experience with this product.the first 2weeks I did fine I thought it was a good product but after probably another week I started feeling terrible.No energy chest and back pain, dizzy.I couldn't figure out what was happening.I only used the product once in the morning so I started noticing by evening I felt some better.So this past Wednesday I stopped taking it all together and I am back to my normal self.I don't know why or what I had the reaction to but I know I will not take any more of it.I will be returning the FULL BAG THAT I HAVE AND THE HALF BAG AND I EXPECT A FULL REFUND IN A PROMPT MANNER .Im not saying it does this to everyone but it just didn't work for me.I have a friend that has used it for a couple years and she loves it. She is the reason I tried it.