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Colorado - - - The purpose of the American College of Cardiology - Colorado Chapter is to contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and to ensure optimal quality of care for individuals with such diseases.

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  • P. Jones - Great! Definitely waterproof lol

    My daughter wore this watch in a downpour and it's just fine. I recommend dishing the extra $10 bucks for the waterproof version of the watch (this one) because children can be clumsy and nothing breaks a child's heart more than a broken toy they love. My daughter LOVES her watch and Im thrilled that she is learning time, days of the week, and calendar reading with this watch, as well as hopping, running, and playing. Its great car entertainment for a long trip for her as well.

  • hvrietsc - Simple and effective

    Simple and effective. Could do with a little more actual plans laid out in detail. And by the way this will never catch on. Since this diet is free, no one will make money selling it so no one will promote it. Actually it is better than free it saves money (all the meals you don't eat).

  • Brenda Ott - LOve

    I love this Steam & Sweep. It does just what it said it would. I don't have to sweep my kitchen now to get all the little crumbs up. This machine gets the crumbs and all the dirty little spots. I would recommend this for anyone., It is so easy to use

  • Stacey Soler - Concept is great, tray is a nice touch

    Concept is great, tray is a nice touch. Unfortunately the locks on the chairs do not work. After the lock is turned, it unlocks on its own. I bought one for myself and gave the other to my sister. Now I need to get that one back to return both. Save your money and buy a better product.

  • Mabalis Eddie - Waste of Money!

    First, the plans that you can edit are a joke. Neither my wife nor I could edit a plan into anything we were trying to. It was easier to start from scratch. The training videos are helpful, but when they are produced, some functional steps are left out so following the video precisely will not get the desired result. We found that to be very frustrating, especially in the beginning steps. Be careful when you buy this software. By the time you figure out this is not the software for you, the learning curve is probably going to be longer than Amazon's return policy...