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Scottsdale Personal Injury Lawyers - Arizona Accident Attorneys - Topamax Lawyers at Anapol Schwartz - Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers and Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorneys Anapol Schwartz have been helping injured victims for more than a quarter century. Free consultations.

  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/attorneys.asp Coben & Associates merged with Anapol Schwartz in 2010. Larry E. Coben is a partner continuing to focus on representation of catastrophically injured people. - The Peronal Injury Lawyers at Anapol Schwartz continue a winning tradition of over 25 years.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/attorney-larry-e-coben.asp AZ Personal Injury Attorney Larry Coben. Anapol Schwartz lawyer specializing in Product Liability, Crashworthy Lawyer - Larry E. Coben, Esquire has been helping catastrophically injured people for more than a quarter century. Products Liability, Crashworthiness, Helmet Liability, Class Action Litigation, Catastrophic Injury Litigation.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/attorney-jo-ann-niemi.asp AZ Personal Injury Attorney Jo-Ann Niemi joined Anapol Schwartz (previously Coben & Associates) in June 2003 - Jo-Ann Niemi, Esquire's areas of focus and expertise include Automotive Crashworthiness and Product Defects..
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/cases.asp Verdicts and Settlements Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers - Scottsdale Personal Injury Law Firm - AZ Personal Injury Attorneys and Injury Lawyers Anapol Schwartz have been helping injured victims for more than a quarter century. Below is more information on recent AZ personal injury cases.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-little-vs-riddle.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Little v. Riddell - In Little v. Riddell, tragedy struck a high school football player. This tackle play was typical and unexceptional the only explanation for this tragedy is his safety equipment failed him.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-finlayson-goff-vs-agv.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Finlayson-Goff v. AGV - Karen Finlayson-Goff was wearing her AGV Basic Rider motorcycle helmet for protection but the helmet failed to protect her head as designed.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-polowski-vs-gm.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Polowski v GM - A design defect in the master cylinder and window sill beam of an Oldsmobile Bravada Cause it to go up in flames after a low speed frontal impact and trap an occupant from getting out of a burning vehicle.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-hardeman-vs-gm.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Hardeman v. GM - Twenty-six year old Shequila James-Hardeman is the latest victim of the defendant General Motors Corporation's negligent and defective design of the S/T Light Trucks and SUVs...
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-busa-vs-ford.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Busa v Ford - On April 4, 2003, at around 6:30 PM, John Busa was driving his 1995 Ford Taurus from work to his gym to work out, when tragedy befell him.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-pursell-vs-vw.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Pursell v VW - How does a belted rear middle seat occupant become catastrophically injured in a frontal crash when the other unbelted occupants suffer no serious injuries? The lack of an anti-submarining ramp in the rear seat of a 1992 VW Jetta.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-mitchell-vs-riddell.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Mitchell v Riddell - How does a routine tackle of a 15 year old high school football player leave him paralyzed from the neck down? An unsafe/defective design of the Riddell football helmet he was wearing...
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-gaudio-vs-ford.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Gaudio v Ford - Did you know that a driver could be essentially decapitated if he is too close to a deploying air bag in an 11 mph frontal impact? FORD DID.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/case-hervey-vs-vw.asp Personal injury settlement in the case of Hervey v VW - Plaintiff Stacy Hervey was headed westbound on Interstate 8 in San Diego, driving her 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, when a white pickup truck passed Stacy's vehicle and then suddenly veered into her lane of travel.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/consumer-safety.asp Consumer product safety lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ. Helmet safety, toy safety. - Consumer safety law firm Anapol Schwartz introduces topics and case studies of unsafe consumer products. Talk with a lawyer free if you have been seriously injured by an unsafe product.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/safe-toys.asp Toy Safety and Child Injuries - Toy Safety Laws - Toy Injury Lawyers: Personal injury law firm Anapol Schartz - Toy safety and child injuries. If your child, or the child of a loved one, has been injured because of an unsafe toy, call a Toy Safety Lawyer at the Law Office of Anapol Schwartz.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/hazardous-bedding-for-children.asp Arizona Product Liability Lawyer - Arizona Dangerous bedding Attorney - Child bedding and toy industries' knowledge of hundreds of infant strangulation deaths because of unnecessarily long cords, strings, and ribbons, neither the CPSC nor these industries have developed and adopted mandatory safety criteria.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/helmets-and-motor-vehicles.asp Motorcycle and Helmet Safety Lawyer - Design Defects in Motor Vehicle Helmets. - Helmets provide protection from head impacts, however, no helmet can protect against injury at head impact speeds in excess of 20 mph...
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/recreational-helmets.asp Helmet Safety Lawyer - Design Defects in Recreational Helmets Resulting in Sports Injuries Including Head and Neck Injuries. - Regardless of whether the action is based on negligence or on strict liability, recovery in a case involving a helmet is governed by the same measure of damages applicable in other types of tort actions.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/vehicle-safety.asp Arizona Auto Crashyworthiness Attorneys | Vehicle Safety Lawyer | Vehicle Defects Law Firm Scottsdale, AZ - We handle car crashworthyness claims talk with an auto defect and product liability lawyer from the law firm of Anapol Schwartz for more information.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/toyota-sudden-unintended-acceleration.asp Toyota sudden acceleration problems | Lawyers and Attorneys specializing in sudden acceleration defects - Report available from Safety Research & Strategies, Inc. on behalf of consumers and the injured individuals, families and loved ones of the fatal victim's of Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration. Learn more about automotive defects before you contact a Toyota sudden acceleration lawyer.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/air-bag-induced-injuries.asp Arizona Airbag Injury Attorney | Airbag Defect Lawyer | Serious Injury, product liability crashes - Have you suffered an airbag-induced injury call for a free consultation, contact an Arizona airbag injury attorney at Anapol Schwartz. We represent clients throughout AZ, PA, NJ and WV
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/air-bag-systems.asp Injuries in Airbag Deployed Accidents | Personal Injury Lawyer Arizona discuss Air Bag-Induced Injury description - Researchers have extrapolated current accident data to estimate that by the year 2000 there will be over 200,000 Air Bag-Induced injuries per year in the US alone, which are induced by air bag deployment.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/large-trucks.asp Truck Accident Lawyers/ Tractor Trailer Injury Attorneys: Commercial Vehicle Lawsuits, Trucking Negligence Lawyer - If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident with a large truck, the truck accident attorneys of Anapol Schwartz will review your case.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/crash-safety-corner.asp Motor Vehicle Crash Safety Corner - Information about the safety or dangers inherent in some motor vehicles sold in the US.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/drug-device-law.asp Lawsuits: Dangerous drugs and failed medical devices - Pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers must be held accountable for life threatening side effects, grave injuries, and wrongful death.
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/alloderm.asp Alloderm, Serious Hernia Recurrence Risks - Some AlloDerm risks may be so severe that patients are required to undergo additional surgeries to correct the problems. Hernia repair lawyer?
  • http://www.cobenlaw.com/depuy.asp DePuy ASR hip cup implant lawsuits, hip revision injuries - Personal injury lawyer Larry Coben fights for patients who have been wronged by defective DePuy hip implants.

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