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- 綠榕軒 | Chung Lai Yung - 作品多次於香港大會堂及社區會堂展出。時於明愛,路德會等社區青年中心任國畫班導師。因出國暫別香港,婚後相夫教子,今兒成長,閒來寄情丹青,覆任教各藝院、學校。

Country:, Asia, HK

City: 114.1333 , Hong Kong

  • Dwayne - Almost great. Look great but have hyper flashing.

    These are plug and play only if you want the outline LEDs to be your brake light and the block of 12 LEDs to be the running light. Personally I want more brake light. Not sure about the green and purple wires, mine did not have those. Had to switch the yellow and red wires and now the large lights are the brake light and the outline is now the running lights, Luckily my neighbor had the terminal removing tool so it was an easy switch with no splicing and soldering. However, now they hyperflash and I will have to order the load resistors to get back to normal blinking, haven't checked the OBD to see if it is throwing a code. They do go on easy and look nice. The lights are bright and should help grab attention when used. I'll update if there is any change or if there is any moisture that get into the lens. At the moment I consider them worth it even with having to get the 4 dollars of load resistors to correct the problem.

  • David Gomez - Worth the purchase and then some...

    Nice graphics and a smooth ride straight out of the box. I have since upgraded the drive train to Ultegra with a SRAM Force compact crank. I am a big rider at 220 pounds but this bike still floats up hills. Very happy with this purchase...

  • Amazon Customer - Finally found pinhole and used good old patch and poof no more leak

    It did nothing, followed instructions to the T and hole remained. Finally found pinhole and used good old patch and poof no more leak....sorry I did not listen to the negative comments and save my money :(

  • B newman - It was easy to attach and works great

    I thought I'd get this so my girl could try it out. It was easy to attach and works great. She was impressed by how it changes up her selfies. Says it really helps when she needs to fix her makeup because it allows her to see the small details even better. Would probably make a great flashlight too; it's pretty bright!

  • V. Toniolo - Poorly referenced and full of pseudoscience

    While I fully agree with Donna Gates' basic premise that candida overgrowth can only be overcome by restoring the body's internal ecosystem (i.e., microbiome), I found this book to be nearly unreadable and abysmally referenced. Gates uses a lot of pseudoscientific ideas and a dearth of peer-reviewed work to support her claims (the bibliography contains nary a scientific paper). There is now a very strong body of scientific evidence on the role of the gut microbiome in regulating immunity, mental health, hormones, and general wellbeing, but absolutely nothing to indicate that food combining, colon hydrotherapy, acid/alkaline diets, blood type diets, and the like have any significant effect on human health. I suspect that people who do improve on the BED, as I am sure many do, do so primarily because they are avoiding junk and processed food, eliminating gluten grains, restoring their gut flora, and avoiding sugars, not because they are combining food in certain ways or eating according to their blood type.

  • Music lover - Harry Potter Recipe Fun

    The thing I liked the most about the cookbook was that it gave background information about where the foods were used in the books. It would have been nice to have an index by the book for my purposes. It is interesting and fun.