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  • Glenda C Sutherland - Read before purchasing Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub – D

    I was going to purchase this after seeing the incredible results on the commercial. However, I decided to do some research first. Dr. Perricone makes a quality product and certainly the formula is well balanced. The focus, however, should be results. The website shown below reviewed the product and based their results upon and in this case it seems as though many of Cold Plasma Sub D users do not enjoy it enough to purchase it again. If that is of no concern for you, and you have had success in the past with cold plasma treatments, then this may be the neck cream you have been waiting for.

  • Gary Woodsmith - Great performance/price ratio

    Installed this item on a Core i5 2500k and have been using it for some time now. After monitoring it's temps after several hours of Prime95 and other programs, I am very satisfied with this item. i purchased this for 36 dollars, at that price point it is one of the best heatsinks I have heard of. Consistently gets great reviews from professional sites, which is the main reason I bought it. Temps for my system was around 25-30celsius idle and 45-54c avg on full load with Arctic Silver 5 TIM. Temps were taken from program core temp v1.0.

  • blake - Maybe my "Final mouse"

    I have been a fk1 user for over a year and the switch to this bad boy is no mistake. The shape is perfect for csgo low sens gaming and the build quality seems to be solid despite its low wieght. I have one complaint thoe I don't know if its just mine but when I put my pc to sleep or shut it down the light on the mouse stays on for some reason.