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  • Elijah Chingosho - Excellent Hilarious Novel for Learning Management

    "The Goal" is a hilarious novel but with a serious business message particularly with respect to production/operations management. The author expertly wove an intricate story about a plant manager (Alex Rogo) whose factory and marriage are failing into a compelling and convincing explanation about how to deal with constraints and bottlenecks effectively, not only in business but also in everyday life. This is a good captivating read particularly for those who find reading business and management books to be dry and having a soporific effect.

  • Mama K - Made face burn and breakout

    I had a makeover done at the Bare Escentuals store in the mall. The sales person told me the makeup was all natural and safe for all skin types. I have rosascea and she assured me the product would not hurt my skin. I also have medium sized pores (hidden with other makeups)and very oily skin. So, the makeover was done. I have to say I was not impressed with the overall look. It sank into my pores and made them look huge. I also looked pale and plastic-like. I did not buy the product. Decided to go home and see how it looked as the day went on. It just became a cakey mess on my oily skin. When I began to sweat the makeup started to burn and sting my face. So I washed it off. Later I noticed splotchy red welts and whiteheads over my nose, cheeks and forehead. I later found out the culprit may be bismuth oxychloride, a product that many people are allergic to. This is also what gave me that plastic look. I am very glad that I tried it out before buying it. I would recommend that anyone who was interested in this product to go to Bare Escentuals store or Sephora and test it out first. Wear it home, sweat in it, whatever. I'm sure the product works for lots of people but not me. If you have sensitive skin or rosascea I believe you should think twice about using any product with bismuth oxychloride in it.

  • Char - Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream

    I love the Murad cleanser, but don't know if this particular product is really worth the money. I've bought this twice and really don't see much of a difference in the appearance of fine lines or hydration, for that matter.

  • Suzette C. - Clear view

    I currently had a smaller musical mirror on the backseat to watch my 8 mo old son. He never liked the music from it & it's a smaller mirror so I don't know why we didn't change it out sooner. I could never see him in the mirror cause his toy bar blocked the way. This mirror solves that problem. It's a lot bigger then the one I had & a lot clearer to see. I had no problem mounting it & so far it's been working great. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • L. C. Oliver - A most excellent read.

    A most excellent read...I could not stand Young or any member of the 49ers during their run, but this book was a pleasure to read and gave great insight from one who struggled with anxiety his whole life and yet performed at a world-class level in his profession...

  • C. Gottlieb - wonderful beauty secret

    I originally bought this product after seeing a presentation on QVC with Dr. Denese. The product also included a hydrating serum as a duo product packaging. With the 2 products, I have to say, my rosacea is very minimal and my pores are non-existent. This product as well used with her serum work exactly as stated in her literature. I tried to write this type of review for QVC but it was denied as not applicable and did not meet their criteria for a review! So from now, I find this product CHEAPER on Amazon with an extremely prompt delivery. I LOVE this product and so does my daughter. We both cannot live without it. My skin has not looked better even in my youth!