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  • Gao Atamazon - Great performance, unfortunate flaw

    The antivirus software performs well, but has one serious flaw. It does not remember manual exceptions of installed programs on the computer. I have a program that I need to use, but Webroot thinks it contains virus. That's fine, as I know the program probably has a suspicious component, but it's not vicious and I need it. But there is no way to simply set a permanent exception. Any manual "allow" seems to be only temporary, and gets overwritten in the next scan. It becomes a constant struggle. Cannot live with it. Rather unfortunate, especially considering that the antivirus software itself performs so well with such an attractive user interface.

  • S. Yard - Too much excess blah blah blah

    I think maybe this author is a little too comfortable with how successful his book has been in the past, because this edition was so overstuffed with anecdotal and sometimes patronizingly excessive information that I had a hard time actually finding useful stuff. It's in there, but you really have to weed through a lot of fluff to find it. I much preferred the "Cool Careers for Dummies" book, which actually gives practical ways for you to look "inward" and figure out what you want to do with your life. Plus, they have realistic, straightforward information about careers that might interest you. Mr. Bolles may have a lot of experience and think that readers are hanging on his every word, but I did not buy the book to read it for pleasure, I just want to find a career, and some practical ways to get me there without all of the useless banter.