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Non-Profit Organization| Mental illness |Depression - Awareness| CIJI Kristine Foundation - The CIJI Kristine Foundation, Inc. is non-profit organization which helps people suffering from mental illness, depression, addiction, suicidal tendencies etc.

  • http://www.cijik.com/mindnbody Mind and Body | Mind & Body Silent Auction |CIJIK Foundation - At CIJIK, We believe in the importance of having a sound mind & body and in order to heal, it is important to set goals and change our daily routines to “shock the system”.
  • http://www.cijik.com/contact-us Contact Information | Join the CIJIK Movement - Contact CIJIK Foundation & Join the movement for helping people suffering from mental illness, bipolar treatment, suicidal tendencies etc.
  • http://www.cijik.com/about/mission Mission Statement | CIJIK - The Ciji Kristine Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to the creation of a social community for anyone suffering from mental illness, abuse, self-injury, or suicidal tendencies
  • http://www.cijik.com/about/board-of-directors Board of Directors - Erit Keisari Education:Master of Social Work, 2011.California State University, Northridge. Northridge, CAB.A. Psychology, 2008.California State Un
  • http://www.cijik.com/about/staff Staff - Dustin PollackFounder & PresidentCFO Of CIJIK Programs Sean McDermottWellness CoordinatorMind&Body Coordinator Tara ConnerRehabilitation
  • http://www.cijik.com/blog Get Information on Mental Illness - Awareness - Suicide Prevention| CIJIK Blog - Trusted community discussing mental illness treatments & other health issues as well as fears, questions, & disgraces associated with health treatment. Join the movement.
  • http://www.cijik.com/cijis-corner Cijis Corner - Ciji's Corner is a monthly support group for anyone in pain. From survivors and sufferers of mental illness or abuse, to those contemplating sel
  • http://www.cijik.com/bookshelf Bookshelf - The most common misconception people suffering from mental illness, addiction, and suicidal tendencies think is that they are alone. This is not true.
  • http://www.cijik.com/petition Petition for mental illness awareness for middle & high school - At CIJIK, We petition the Obama Administration for young people to teach about mental illness awareness & suicidal thoughts. we are here to help who need depression treatment
  • http://www.cijik.com/resources Resources - National Suicide Hotline+1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifelinehttp://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.orgSpanish- +1 (888) 628-9454 Am
  • http://www.cijik.com/help GET HELP NOW - National Suicide Hotline+1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifelinehttp://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.orgSpanish- +1 (888) 628-9454 A
  • http://www.cijik.com/resources/research-and-facts Research and Facts - Did You Know? Nearly 1 Million Suicides are committed every year globally. [1] 80% of all fatal suicides are Male. [2] Suicides are the 2nd leading ca
  • http://www.cijik.com/memorial CIJIK memorial moments| CIJIK Foundation- nonprofit organization - Create and share your happy memorable moments with CIJIK including: birthday celebrations, pictures, memorial anniversary etc. of those lost to overdose and suicide.
  • http://www.cijik.com/fresh-start/create CIJI Kristine Foundation, Inc. - Anonymous profile means no personal information other than your username and your state/country will be viewable by other users. Please do not use personal pictures or create a username that is connected with your identity in in order to help keep your right to privacy protected.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great Product

    Excellent product and easy to install. Instructions need to be improved but relied on prior reviews which answered my questions. Rails are solid and durable. Really improves the look of my 2016 CRV. Nice!

  • SOTHMAN - Very happy. What a bargain

    It looks and works exactly as the original part and its much cheaper. For a 2 Pk. Very happy. What a bargain !!!

  • lb1428 - So hard to tighten straps and recline won't stay locked!

    There are a few great things about this carseat and then several terrible features that are making me hate it. I bought this in early 2016 as a replacement for a 2014 Pria 70 after being in a minor accident. My first seat was in Total Black which tended to get quite hot in the summer time (my daughter would be totally sweaty after any trip even with the AC blasting). I opted for the Grey Gravel hoping it would be slightly cooler but that is not the case. Not only is it just as hot, the Gravel is a different material (not the easily cleanable neoprene like the Total Black was but more of a pique like a polo golf shirt). I cannot keep this seat clean. Within a week of washing it there are spots everywhere again. The only upside that I will mention is that the newer model has snaps that make it easy to remove everything for washing without having to uninstall the whole seat.

  • margaret pearson - Excellent product, does what it says!

    We were convinced our car was ready for the scrap heap then we stumbled across the product on the internet & decided to give it a go. The car now passed the MOT & we have our run about back on the road, thanks to Bar's Leaks.

  • V. Middlebrooks - This book saved my life!

    I was lucky and found out about this book from doing research about acid reflux. I immediately ordered the book and read it in one night. I told my husband that this has been my problem all along. I have too little stomach acid! I have been plagued with acid reflux for the last 17 years(I am now 38 yrs old). When I would wake up in the morning, I would have a burning feeling in my esophagus even while taking the well known proton pump inhibitors. I had no energy and I really felt like I wasn't going to live much longer. I immediately flew to Dr. Wright's clinic and was tested there when they confirmed moderate hypochlorhydria. With everything they have recommended, I can't believe that I am no longer plagued with acid reflux. In addition to the low stomach acid, I was very ill with severe yeast overgrowth throughout my body and I wasn't assimilating any vitamins or nutrients. I thank God for Dr. Wright. I will be on his treatment plan for a year (currently it's been 6 months)and then will get re-tested to see if I am finally producing enough stomach acid on my own to help digest my food. Over the past 17 years, I have had many tests run on me by the Gastroenterologists. I never could get an answer as to why I had acid reflux. I was simply told to keep taking the proton pump inhibitors. If you are suffering from acid reflux,

  • Vin Tej - No Point buying TT products n December or January

    I have been using TT Business since the last 7 years and for the last 3 years I buy it in December or early January - but I find it is useless buying it before February because you cannot file the taxes - this is because while using TT business it says that the IRS forms are not available so you cannot file. So now I have to wait until Feb/March. My question is why sell a product that cannot do the primary function that it was intended to do. To me it seems like a scam from TurboTax - actually if I had the time I would file a lawsuit for misleading customers.

  • KatieO - A very well written book full of excellent health information

    A very well written book full of excellent health information. Coming from someone who already eats very healthy and is of average weight I can say that I say major differences in my body from doing the detox. Read the whole book before you jump in as you will need some time to prepare if you want to do the detox right!