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  • Claudia L. Einertson - good

    This product is good IF the fruit is at just the correct ripeness, but if the fruit is a bit hard and not super ripe, it can have a bitter taste. It is also necessary to clean the Yonana straight away or it is difficult to clean. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it would be good for kids or adults who need to eat more fruit, but they don't like the texture of fruits. I think I liked it better when I made it, froze it, and then ate it like a sorbet. I purchased this at Amazon and then found I could get it at Target for about 30. less. :(

  • Shoe envy - Don't expect a miracle.

    With all the wonderful reviews I saw on this I really had high hopes for this stuff. My teeth still seem yellow and I don't think they are any less sensitive. The good thing about this product is that it does make your teeth feel super smooth and clean. It is gritty I suppose but that's only if you are chomping your teeth together and I personally don't do much of that while brushing my teeth. If you use a lot you might have to rinse a little more and maybe notice a tiny bit of grit but I only felt it the time I used more than I probably needed to. I thought using more might aid in the making my teeth look whiter process.

  • croker10 - Great Disposal, Terrible Baffle

    There are a lot of plusses to this. Very compact, it fits well under a sink in a 30 inch space. It's very compact and has a clean and simple look. In fairness, most people don't spend a lot of time under their sinks looking at disposals, but still, its nice that it looks good. Very simple installation, I'm not a plumber, but it only took a few minutes. It will take two people to tighten the retaining collar, but still, not difficult.

  • JustlivinginOrlando - Amazing

    My 16 year old daughter has struggled with acne since she was 12. She has seen two dermatologists, the best of the best here in Los Angeles. We even changed her diet. And yes, we also tried Proactiv which did not work. Went the natural approach at one time also including different vitamins, etc. The dermatologists prescribed washes, face creams, etc. At one point one of the tubes of the prescribed cream was costing over $200 for a one and one half month supply. And of course, with all of this, she continued to experience severe breakouts, especially on her forehead. While walking through Walgreens, I happened to notice the box of Acne free and for some weird reason, told myself why not. We had tried most everything out on the market all to no success. I stood in her bathroom watching as she did exactly what the box said to do. When she woke up in the morning, the acne had definitely started to subside. Within a week, the huge breakouts are now no more, and are starting to fade. She did get one whitehead, but that's been about it. I cannot believe what is happening to her skin. I highly recommend this product, and will continue to purchase it.

  • Flora E. Fritz - Shaklee

    I have been using Shaklee cleaners for over 40 years, I tried many differient products and end up coming right back to shaklee. You can't beat the product, and it is extremely economical.