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  • Andrew Berry - it looks like i have a giant tumor coming out of my ...

    so i got the headset for use at school since i wanted a discreet way to listen to music, and didn't want to deal with cords. And i when i got this, it does exactly that. only problem is first, it looks like i have a giant tumor coming out of my ear, and second, it fit's in my ear fine, but it irritates it. If you have bigger ears im guessing this isn't a problem. another part is i tried using it at night when my room was dark, and the indicator light flashes every 10 seconds and is incredibly annoying. But sound quality is great for how much it is, and over all isn't bad.

  • William Schlosser - The Sole E35 - A great Elliptical!

    I had done a ton of research since Dec 09 for the best Elliptical for me. I had looked at just about every make and model- visited several sporting goods stores and read just about every review on every type. After a month or so of this I decided on a Sole E35. I ordered it on a Sunday and received it the following Friday! This was with the free super-saver delivery... so do yourself a favor and dont pay the extra $100+ for the quicker shipping as I got it in the same amount of time...

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    This product was a great price and I think works very well for my skin. I will purchase again when I run out this order.

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    The Earthing Mat has made a remarkable difference in my life. Not just my ability to sleep at night but my arthritis pain has improved dramatically. I am so impressed I bought the half sheet along with a mat for everyone in my family. I can't wait to see the effect it has after a longer period of time as I have only used it for about 3 weeks.

  • christina - Love it

    About gymnic belt is wonderful product I wish it had more gel though loved product though other than that its great