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C�nacle de La Lumi�re - Drug Rehabilitation Center - Lebanon - C�nacle de La Lumi�re is a non-profit rehabilitation center serving individuals suffering from drug addiction problems and their families. Located in Jounieh, Lebanon.

Country:, Asia, LB

City: 35.8333 , Lebanon

  • Natalie - Beware - backups of your recipe data are a problem!

    I chose this rating after putting all of my home recipes on this electronic software ... and then losing the lot following a melt-down of my PC. This software DOES NOT follow Microsoft guidelines for storage of data, and instead stores the data in the system directory, and hence backups of your recipe data are not taken using any backup software. Cloud backups, by way of an alternative, are not offered by Radium Technologies.

  • Amazon Customer - It smells unpleasant and feels waxy and bland. After ...

    It smells unpleasant and feels waxy and bland. After applying it twice a day over two weeks I don't feel it is doing anything. Perhaps it takes longer but there are tons of other options out there including much cheaper drug store products which would just do the same thing, so there is nothing majestic about it. The dispenser is a lousy design. You have to pump really hard when you first use it to get it working. That alone could confuse a heck out of many. The dispenser surface is flat and large so basically you can only dispense the cream onto the pump surface instead of your hand.

  • Skylandry - Looks great, decent FM reception...no AM reception

    Arrived in very nice packaging. Offered 100% refund if not satisfied. So how does it work? It is ok. Install was easy and fit and finish was excellent. As for reception, it isn't as good as it was but how could it when you shrink the length from 25" to 4". I get all the FM stations I use to get but my range isn't as good. As for AM, my reception is weak at best. If I do "seek" on AM it just circles all the way around finding no stations. So why didn't I return it? It looks good, gets ok FM reception and I don't really care about AM and play alot of iPod. Why not 5 stars? Well they claim it gets "as good" as the stock antenna but it doesn't. As for my car it is a 2007 FJ Cruiser.

  • Mikey - The ULTIMATE Abdominal Punishment!

    All I can say is...WOW. I have tried doing ab exercises in the past, but never felt that I engaged them enough to have a positive effect (maybe my beer belly had something to do with it!) I've had my Flex Belt for a few days now, and it's INTENSE! I actually look forward to my sessions, I'm encouraged and excited to work out now, and it has helped me with portion control during meals, as my abs are much tighter and sometimes sore. Here's the regime that I follow. I start off with Crunch 1 and Crunch 2 (that's 90 crunches) at intensity level 150/150 - yes, it is very intense at that level, but I love it. I do the Crunch workouts first, because my abs are too fatigued to try to do them at the end. Next, I do Ab-Power (Session 7) at level 150/150 on my back. This is the strongest session, and I try to pull my abs toward my spine during each contraction...the ultimate abdominal punishment! This really tires out my abs, but I'm not done yet! I do another Ab-Power session, again trying to suck in my belly, but it's really tough during this session because my abs are really fatigued at this point. If I try to slack off because I feel that I can't take anymore, WHAM! Here comes another GUT CRUSHING contraction! There is no escape!

  • JonRode - Just what we expected

    It sure looks, feels and is packaged like the real deal. My wife is completely happy. And the "2015" tag is definitely on our crystal star.

  • sunity - Why do I look 100 x worse?!

    I like some benefit cosmetics but something about this is all wrong. It settles in to every fine line and doesn't blend at all. I've never been hAppier with then less-than-perfect skin I have!