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Inicio - Casede - En marzo del 2007, el Colectivo se constituyó legalmente como una asociación civil bajo el nombre del COLECTIVO DE ANÁLISIS DE LA SEGURIDAD CON DEMOCRACIA, A.C. A partir de entonces, CASEDE ha mantenido actividades regularmente y se ha posicionado como un referente en temas de seguridad y democracia.

Country:, North America, US

City: -81.1893 Florida, United States

  • Anna - Cheap product, good results

    I purchased this product in my local Best Buy store. Wanted to try it to believe it. It does make a difference and makes beer taste great. The construction is cheap and dont feel the $150 quality. Looks and feels like a bulky cheap pump. The pump stopped pumping after a week. Returned it. Ill wait for an updated smaller version of this for bottles or cans.

  • Paul Mayer - Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs ...

    Most of the positive reviews for this movie don’t understand all the negative reviews. I, however cannot understand how someone can watch this move and give it 5 stars. Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs among them. For me, that would but this movie on the level of The Blues Brothers. Trading Places, Blazing Saddles, The Big Lebowski to name a few. It doesn’t matter which movies top your list, I just can’t fathom this movie being on that level. I’m not a critic but if I had to say it fails on all levels because it can’t decide what it wants to be. It seems to work best if you think of it as an assemble. All four of the leading actors have funny moments (and I have seen them all to be hilarious in other projects) but none of the jokes really land. The biggest problem is the move has no direction. Now granted a comedy doesn’t need much of a plot, but this movie has nothing to allow one scene to build on the last or for the viewer to become vested in the characters. If you think about it most great comedies start with a chuckle and end with belly laughs.

  • Missoula woodworker - Know what information you're looking for before purchase

    This annual publication covers many topics of interest to an author including a listing of agents, but if that listing is all you are really looking for, a more complete list is found in a companion book dedicated to that subject.

  • KJ Mom - Received wrong item, but still a good product

    Normally I would rate this a 4 or 5, but I just received the wrong version of this product. I though I was purchasing the original, based on the picture of this posting. However, I received the 2.0 version and can not stand the taste of it. The product will still get used since my husband prefers the 2.0. Just wish I didn't have to go back and buy a separate one for myself now. Turns out I got this at the cheaper price, so I really can't complain too much. I hope that they update the product description to tell you which version you are buying, since the picture leads you to believe it's the original. I know many people are not big fans of the peachy flavor of the 2.0 and will be disappointed should they also get the wrong product.

  • tenita besant - Thia is a great product at a affordable price

    Thia is a great product at a affordable price. It is fast works great and also has no cord. You can take it on trips or keep at home. I found it easy to use. And I like that its not that large it can fit easily into a make up bag, or shaving kit. It has a removable head so its replaceable. I love the smoothness of my feet.

  • Bear evans - Makes beats a scam!

    Just came in and I worked out with them for two hours straight. I'm a cross trainer and body builder, these head phones have so much base, they stay on your ear even when walking on your hands, they feel flimsy, but that's why the are comfortable!! Great buy !!