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Care & You - Innovative & integrated medical solutions - Care & You est une équipe d'experts passionnés par les problématiques de santé et d'innovation, qui utilise ses compétences pour vous apporter des solutions

  • http://www.careandyou.com/care-you/les-associes/ Les associés - Care And You® - Les fondateurs sont passionnés par les problématiques de la santé et de l'innovation
  • http://www.careandyou.com/care-you/valeurs-objectifs/ Valeurs et objectifs - Care And You® - Un des objectifs est de mettre à disposition des services utilisant les nouvelles technologies mobiles qui permettent à chacun d’être acteur de sa propre santé.
  • http://www.careandyou.com/care-you/emploi/ Emploi - Care And You® - Vous êtes à la recherche d'un emploi, Care & You® recrute ! Vous relevez le challenge ?
  • http://www.careandyou.com/maladies-vectorielles/ Maladies Vectorielles - Care And You® - Les maladies vectorielles : la lutte contre le paludisme, la dengue et le paludisme rend partout indispensable la collaboration publics et privés
  • http://www.careandyou.com/maladies-vectorielles/dengue/ La Dengue - Care And You® - La dengue infecte 50 millions de personnes par an. Sa forme classique provoque des symptômes grippaux et ne met pas en jeu le pronostic vital.
  • http://www.careandyou.com/maladies-vectorielles/paludisme/ Le Paludisme - Care And You® - Le paludisme (ou Malaria) est une pathologie infectieuse tropicale transmise à l’homme par certaines espèces de moustiques.
  • http://www.careandyou.com/maladies-vectorielles/chikungunya/ Le Chikungunya - Care And You® - Le chikungunya est une maladie transmise par un moustique qui a la particularité de piquer pendant la journée : Aedes albopictus.
  • http://www.careandyou.com/solutions-care-and-you/prev-kit/ Le Prev Kit - Care And You® - Le Prev Kit® est une solution intégrée permettant de se protéger contre les maladies transmises par certains insectes : paludisme, dengue, chikungunya...
  • http://www.careandyou.com/solutions-care-and-you/skin2p-body-et-screen2p-wear/ SKIN2P Body et SCREEN2P Wear - Care And You® - Les produits Skin2P Body et Sceen2P wear sont efficaces contre les moustiques types Aedes, Anophèles et Culex
  • http://www.careandyou.com/solutions-care-and-you/safe-kit/ Safe kit - Care And You® - Le Malaria Safe kit permet de diagnostiquer et de fournir un traitement si cas avéré de paludisme, le tout dans un seul kit à prix attractif
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  • Brad Potts - Horrible expereince trying to import files. Tech support overseas worst than unless.

    I brought this to download files from my credit union, into Quicken. I spent 3 hours tonight on "Quicken Chat" with some outsources entity and complied 9 pages of "Chat". I had to repeat thing multiple times. With all due respect to the many capable individuals overseas, I felt language comprehension issues interfered with comprehension and made this unnecessarily cumbersome and long. Now I cannot talk to anyone except on Mon-Fri on limited hours. Very frustrating. Are there standards for competency in this file or are we all just at their mercy?

  • Wael S. Abu Moghli - Solid motherboard

    Great motherboard. Intel is once again offering the board of choice for champion gamers and performance enthusiasts who live to push their systems way beyond the limits.

  • J. RUSSELL - Great device if used correctly

    This mini pc was purchased for use in a business where we needed Remote Desktop Client to access applications hosted by a server. For this purpose, the Stick 300 seems to be working out great. It ships with Windows 10 Home, which does not allow you to add to a domain. I upgraded this to 10 Pro and it was fairly painless. I did not need any additional drive for the install to occur, as it is done online like an ordinary Windows update. After installing Office 2010 and a few other smaller programs, the available free space is nearly 7 GB. The Wi-Fi connected quickly and is strong when most other wireless devices get a weak signal from the position this currently sits in the office. I also added a 3 port USB hub with ethernet jack, which improves network speed.

  • Cat2 - ... 5 Stars because it made m skin soft and nice looking, but i wish the scent not this ...

    "I would give this Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk 5 Stars because it made m skin soft and nice looking ,but i wish the scent not this bad , so strong and lingering long ,other than that it is good product.. .

  • Ohiomomma - Ready to feed IS different than powder

    Both of my children have had a soy and milk intolerance, and Alimentum has been a lifesaver! My first daughter tolerated the powder form fine. With my second daughter, while the diarrhea improved with the Alimentum powder it didn't go away until we tried the Ready to feed. The day we switched her to Ready to feed Alimentum, the diarrhea stopped! She has been a much happier baby while on this formula.

  • Charlotte Cortez - Really happy with this reel

    Great reel to use. Very easy to cast with no backlash, the drag is smooth, everything about this product is smooth. I cought a lot of bass with it, but didnt catch any big one yet. Really happy with this reel. Would highly recommend.

  • TheBigGuy - AIRBORN for Health and Immune Boosting

    I found this product to be very good as advertised. I did have a very bad old fashioned cold in my sinus, chest and ear canals. Along with this product I did the usual for colds, broth, rest, eating small amounts of food and in just a few days I was better. I had tried some other cold meds in the past but this product works so well and I am sure it would not hurt to take half a dose of it half as often as directions once you are well to help prevent and help to keep you immune system stay up. Thanks Airborne. PS Be sure to read the directions well......