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  • tabularasa - This is the real Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga.

    This, I feel, is the real Lady Gaga, a la Stefani Germanotta. A quick look up of her music prior to her becoming "Mother Monster" and this was the style of music she performed. I don't need the meat dress, the crazy wigs, the hit-me-over-the-head shock and awe, I need Lady Gaga to be true to herself and be the woman she is inside her heart and soul. I've been a fan from the beginning and I've loved all her styles and progressions, musically and artistically because at that moment in time, whatever she did, she felt passionate about, including the "ill-conceived" jazz album she did with Tony Bennett, which I absolutely loved (and I hate jazz but I love Lady Gaga). Vocally, Lady Gaga's voice is one of the best I've ever heard. Strong. Powerful. Passionate. Beautiful. There's something about the songs, the way her voice sings the lyrics that expose parts of her that she's kept buried, her pain, her triumph, her loneliness, her desire and her hope for the world. Lady Gaga is so much more than people ever give her credit for and I absolutely love this album.

  • Cobangrrl - Perfect Pinch Asian Seasoning

    I make most all of my stir-fries with fresh garlic, ginger and other spices, but have had an ongoing situation where I needed stir fry but often no ginger and no fresh garlic on hand. Asian Perfect Pinch fit the role. I prep onions, carrots, mushroom, broccoli, celery and other veggies, and fry them up--add a good heap of the seasoning which I vary to taste, a splash of broth and soyu. Steam for a minute or so and voila I have a quick side dish for whatever from scratch main meal that I spent much more time on.

  • shadesguy66 - Original

    I love the sounds. It's original and no problem for listening , because there was an amazon cloud player. I recommend buying mp3 music at amazon. Plus the price was affordable....

  • Julia DeLong - Pretty good

    Not every recipe seems like it belongs here. It tells you how to make bacon and other simple things. I mean that's okay for beginners and stuff but this cook book doesn't seem like it's for beginners. Also if it were to include recipes like that I feel like it should include difficulty ratings on the recipes.

  • Martin H. Rossman - Quite pleased

    I am quite pleased with avery aspect of this cart bag. It is well designed, not too heavy and looks like it will survive many golf seasons. Important for me is the fact that the top is constructed so that the cloth segments are protected by plastic from being abraded by the metal faces of the irons.

  • Chief - Miss my MS Streets and Trips.

    I do not find this software easy to use at all. I know I have to take the time to put more effort into it but it is nowhere near as easy to use as Microsoft Streets and Trips was. I wish MS Streets and Trips would come back.