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    I actually saw a add for a umbrella like this awhile ago and thought Finally! someone figured out how to make a umbrella that would not get water all over the floor when you come inside a building, home, or your car!!! I think it was named one of the top innovations last year or something like that and ever since then I have been keeping my eye out for one. I was so happy to get this. It is nice looking umbrella as well and made very well. It is sturdy.I like the bright blue touch of color on the underside as well. I'll always know which umbrella is mine. Here in Kentucky we get sudden downpours all the time in the afternoon. I like that the handle is not metal also as I have had lightening strike very close to me and ever since then I have thought about the chances of electrocution!!! I love it and recommend it. I will now donate my old umbrellas.

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