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    I used this product on my new ceramic tile floor. I did exactly what the directions called for and I put 1 coat, then waited for at least 1 hour, then I gave it a second coat. It looked great until my wife accidentally spilled some water on it! When we wiped up the water it left a white haze on the floor! This tile is in our new sun room by the pool. We brought our two dogs in out of the cold and their feet were wet even though we dried them off as best as possible, and everywhere they stepped the floor turned to a white haze. It looks like a sunburn peeling. This is the most horrible product you could ever use on a floor. I have read some of the other reviews and several people have had the same problem! Now we have to figure out how to clean this crap off of the tile and get it back to its original look! I would never recommend this product to anyone! Please don't take a chance with this stuff on your floor, or you will sorely regret it just as we have!

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    I'm extremely impressed with this Coozie. I'm a slow drinker so I usually end up wasting 1/4 of my drink each time as it gets too warm. Not anymore! It's very clever that they included a twist top lid to take off before you place your can in, then screw it back on once you insert the can, so that it holds your can in place and it doesn't spill all over you when you take a sip.

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