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  • hailstormer - Overpriced!!

    This product's active ingredient is 25 milligrams of dyphenhydramine (probably incorrectly spelled) My point is It's the same thing as Benedryl, which is available as generic. I paid 5 dollars for 12 tablets of Nyquil zzz. At wal-mart, you can get 100 tablets of the same thing as a generic for 4 dollars. If you want the name brand Benedryl, you can get 100 tabs for about 10 dollars. You do the math!!!!!! It's just a money maker for the company!!!!!

  • Gary R. Danforth - RID-X Septic System Treatment: Concentrated

    this product is a good one for keeping your pipes & septic tank clear of any build up. i use it once a week as directed. my order shipped promptly & arrived in an undamaged carton

  • Dr. Mark Palmer - Great Clean Shampoo

    I have been using this shampoo for my 5 year old since he was 2 or 3. It has an excellent toxicity rating from EWG, and it smells good. My son is able to get it out of the bottle without issue to wash his hair.

  • Empty Suit - Works

    The first breath freshener that I've tried that really does an excellent job. The effect is long lasting and my only complaint is that there is a slight after taste that can sometimes effect the taste of food or drinks later in the day. I find if I only use it once a day - it still gets the job done, and the after taste is barely noticeable. I think next time I'll try a different "flavor"

  • Dawn Lockwood - I ordered it in August 2016 and have been using it every night after I wash my face before bed as well as lightly applying it in

    Several friends had told made positive remarks about the brand, Uptown, so I decided to order the Retinol Cream for Face and Eye Area, 50 ml - With Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin e and Green Tea. I try to use only natural/organic products on my skin, especially my face and around my eyes so I was excited to start trying it since it is advertised as 71 percent organic materials. I ordered it in August 2016 and have been using it every night after I wash my face before bed as well as lightly applying it in the morning before I put my makeup on and I am very pleased with the results. I began to see improvements in the small wrinkles around my eyes and lips as well as a fading of a few spots of decoloring on my checks from years of sun exposure. I have worn sunscreen every day for the past 30 years before I go out in sun but unfortunately sunscreen was not a big thing in my early years. I agree with Uptown to wear sunscreen while using this product as well as all the time! Some people may experience slight redness and peeling when using a retinol product, but I did not. I also use it on my neck (have a scar from a surgery) and believe it has improved the look of my neck. It makes my skin feel very dehydrated and smooth. I like that it feels light and absorbs right into my skin as well as it does not feel oily even though it has moisturizing oils in it. The cream contains organic green tea extract, vitamin E, wheat germ oil as well as jojoba oil which makes for a very nice, soft texture. I believe that the combination of these ingredients make for a nice formula. I also like the price since creams containing of a retinol cream can run high. I am pleased with the overall look of my face and neck using this product. I would recommend using this Retinol cream first thing in the morning and evening after cleansing to allow for maximum absorption.

  • Carol A - Effective non-toxic product!

    This is a great product! I used it last year to take care of an actual flea problem in my home and after about 5 weeks, fleas were gone and stayed gone for a year as the product claims. I re-applied it on this purchase just to keep my cats flea free without rubbing poisons into their skin.