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  • Marigold - Very good.

    I had read many reviews before deciding which Antivirus to buy. I chose Norton because of its long standing and respect in the computer world. I like it a lot. Works well, tells me what I need to know without intruding and making access to websites difficult as some do.,

  • Meko - Can you hear me now?

    Product would be wonderful if it did not fall short of its intended use. The call quality is abysmal. The call volume is too low. In order to use this device to make a call, you must either put it on speaker and press the extra volume button or always have it attached to a Bluetooth headset that has its own volume control.

  • Margaret Daigle - Book One.

    I enjoyed the twists and turns of this story of Owen Tudor. I would have liked to have more detail between transitions in the book. To sum up a war in less than a couple paragraphs is not enough.

  • Denise Cygan - 2013 Step-By-Step

    Needed this for my Medical Billing and Coding class. Carol J. Buck's books are the best. She explains and show's you in a way that you will understand and get it, especially when you first start these types of classes, which can be very complex and frustrating at times..lol..Go with Carol J Buck, I promise you-you will not regret it. Good Luck with class.

  • Charles V. Cocca - Fantastic Product!

    This thing is a powerhouse! I'm able to charge my iPhone at least seven times, plus charge my wife's Galaxy at the same time! It's defiantly worth the price! I highly recommend!