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Back in Motion Physiotherapy Vancouver Surrey Burnaby Coquitlam Richmond - Accepting New Patients! We offer a full range of physiotherapy and healthcare services with locations in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond.

  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/why-bim/ Why BIM? - Back in Motion Physiotherapy offers a full range of health care services from highly certified health care experts. Accepting ICBC and WCB claims.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/work-with-bim/ Join our Team! Work with BiM - Want to work with BiM? Back in Motion wants you to join our team of qualified professionals! If you’re interested, send us a resume.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/ Back in Motion Physiotherapy Client Services - Client Services - Back in Motion offers all the treatments you need to get better including physiotherapy, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, orthotics, and more!
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/physiotherapy/ Physiotherapy Services at Back in Motion - Our highly certified physiotherapy experts will use a combination of techniques to help you get back to living pain free.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/sports-rehab/ Sports Rehab | Back in Motion Physiotherapy - Our sports rehab clinicians go through a full body examination to understand how to treat and prevent sports related injuries.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/shockwave-therapy/ Radal Shockwave Therapy | Back in Motion - Shockwave Therapy simulates new healthy tissue growth and is among the most effective treatments available today for soft tissue disorders.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/icbc-treatments/ ICBC Treatments at Back in Motion Physiotherapy - Back in Motion's team of clinicians will help you with your ICBC Treatments. You are automatically approved for 20 sessions!
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/worksafebc-treatments/ WorkSafeBC Treatments | Back in Motion Physiotherapy - Your BIM WorkSafeBC treatments team will perform a comprehensive assessment and develop a treatment plan to reduce your symptoms and rehabilitate you.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/acupuncture/ Acupuncture | Back in Motion Physiotherapy - We have multiple therapists with extensive Acupuncture knowledge at BiM. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine combined with western science
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/kinesiology/ Kinesiology | Back in Motion Physiotherapy - Come to Back in Motion Physiotherapy and benefit from a 1-on-1 guided exercises, or from comprehensive multidisciplinary active rehab / kinesiology programs
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/concussion-clinic/ Concussion Clinic | Back in Motion Physiotherapy - We have the expertise and experience to help you SAFELY return to OPTIMAL health following a head injury with our concussion clinic.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/vertigo-dizziness-treatment/ Vertigo / Dizziness Treatment - Suffering from vertigo or dizziness? Our vestibular therapist will show you vertigo / dizziness treatments to help you get back to normal.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/chronic-illness-conditioning/ Chronic Pain Program | Back in Motion - Move forward to health and wellness with the guidance and support you need and a chronic pain program
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/orthotics/ Orthotics | Back in Motion - Orthotics can optimize the biomechanics of your feet to help ease extra stress and strain on your body from poor distribution of weight and other conditions
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/client-services/registered-massage-therapy/ Registered Massage Therapy | Back in Motion - Registered Massage Therapy offers techniques to restore proper biomechanics or relieve muscle tension related to sports injuries or auto accidents.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/conditions-we-treat/ Back in Motion - Conditions we Treat - We treat a variety of conditions and pains with different techniques. Hover over the red circles to see how we can help.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/rehab-provider-services/assessment-services/ Assessment Services | Back in Motion - Back in Motion has been providing Customized Active Rehabilitation Programs (CAR) for more than fifteen years. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals will develop a unique plan for each client.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/rehab-provider-services/treatment-services/ Treatment Services | Back in Motion - Back in Motion’s team strives to reduce the impact of a client’s medical, physical, functional, and psychosocial barriers to recovery.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/contact/ Physiotherapy Burnaby | Back in Motion - Accepting New Patients! We offer a full range of healthcare services including burnaby physiotherapy, to help you get healthy.
  • http://www.bimphysiotherapy.com/vancouver-physiotherapy/ Physiotherapy Vancouver | Back in Motion - Accepting New Patients! We offer a full range of healthcare services including Vancouver physiotherapy, to help you get healthy.

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  • mike - 5 stars

    The grinder is very convenient and easy to use. Less intuitively, the grinder setting adjustment is on the side, but this is a minor quibble. A good price for a decent machine.

  • Lisa - Save yourself the headache...these oils are TERRIBLE smelling!!!

    I don't like giving bad reviews...but this has to be the worst smelling essential oils I have ever tried..I have smelled and own probably 20 or more companies oils and these I can not even recognize the scent on some...as in the peppermint. The lavender does smell close to other lavenders I have tried. The rest I can't say a single good thing about them!! The labels are very hare to read (even with my glasses on) because the coloring does not stand out enough. Many of the companies oils I have or have tried have the GC/MS reports so you KNOW you are getting a pure oil...these oils smell NOTHING like those oils but instead have a strong chemical odor!! If you are new to oils and don't know much about what to get, do your homework..these oils are nothing I would recommend and probably will dump them out they are so bad!!! Save yourself the money and hassle...and am dumbfounded how ANYONE has given this company good reviews...I am being honest, these oils are trash!!!

  • Ted Helm - Not for my purposes.

    This didn't work for me in reducing my sweaty hands while gaming/working. I need my points of contact with controllers/mice to not to get sweaty when I'm using them. It also leaves a white residue that can get a bit messy at times. I'm sure this would work great for sports/fitness, but not my purposes.

  • btgem - so far no change

    i have not seen any change yet , will updated it if i see a change - very oily you need to wash out the next day ( if not going out leave in an extra day) I purchased in Nov 2015 but did not start until January

  • medpeds - Works great as promised; best value for computers over mobile

    Works perfectly. Great that one product covers so many devices (Father and I have PCs; sister has Mac; I have an Android phone). I feel the best value is for the computers, however. The added benefits of the registered Android version over the free version in the Google Play Store are not that significant in my opinion. Both offer virus and web browsing protection, which are the nuts and bolts of the software. I also like that this one purchase covers up to 5 devices (10 would be better for a few dollars more, since my family of four all have Android smartphones).