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Hoboken Lofts & Condos by Real Estate Developers | Bijou Properties - Bijou Properties designs, develops and manages the highest quality sustainable buildings in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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  • http://www.bijouproperties.com/stories/garden-street-lofts/ Garden Street Lofts | Luxury Lofts & Condos | Green Hoboken Real Estate Developers - All about Garden Street Lofts. As the story goes, when developer Lawrence Bijou petitioned the Hoboken zoning board about variances to transform a 1919 coconut processing plant on 14th a.
  • http://www.bijouproperties.com/stories/bijou-properties-creating-100m-green-neighborhood/ $100m Green Neighborhood | Luxury Lofts & Condos | Green Hoboken Real Estate Developers - All about $100m Green Neighborhood. Bijou Properties has taken the initial steps to convert a stretch of Hoboken, N.J. into Hudson County's first green neighborhood. The developer recently co.

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  • Shannon Ramsey - This stuff BURNS!!

    Although this product works at relieving my stuffy nose the menthol BURNS! It was in small print, so I didn't know when I bought it that it ha menthol in it. Regular Afrin without menthol works just as well, without the burn!

  • Pudgylove - I'm fostering a english bulldog that has extremely bad skin issues that's making him really itchy and the ...

    I'm fostering a english bulldog that has extremely bad skin issues that's making him really itchy and the vet recommended that I buy this until all the medications kick in and we get it under control. It was almost twice the price at the vet office so I'm glad I purchased it on Amazon instead. He gets medicated baths 3-4 a week which helps, but I've been applying the calming mousse between baths and it's really helped with the scratching. It's been a lifesaver!

  • cjczmommy - Great little garden shears for my size hands

    These are great little garden shears. I use these on my small bushes and around the swimming pool and pool pump where I cannot weed eat. They work great and are easy to use. One set is straight, and on is curved. Honestly, I have no idea why, but I am sure more garden savy users will have a clue...lol. I just use whichever pair I grab first. My only issue is keeping my son away from them. I was a bit skeptical because the packaging is a little cheap. It kind of reminded me of something you might purchase at a dollar store or one of those free gift things you get with a bigger purchase. I suppose they want to make sure the blades do not damage anything or cut anyone in shipping, but the packaging does not make a great first impression. Despite the cheap packaging, the shears are actually decent quality and work for what I need...small jobs. These are just the right size for my hands because they are small. Also, my hands did not hurt after using them which sometimes happens to me when I have used larger shears to do the same job. I received these Durevole garden shears (set of 2) at a discount (definitely not for free) in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. That is just what you are getting. I depend on other reviews to make my own Amazon purchases so I try to be as honest and forthcoming as possible with my own reviews. You can look back at my other reviews and see that I do not leave all positive reviews. Thank you.

  • Mary E Wais - Best product out there for stains on hard surfaces

    Have used this product for years. Like it because it gets every stain off of hard surfaces. I use it to clean my glass top stove plus stains in our white kitchen sink, among other.

  • LexiDavid - Very clear and feature rich - A significant improvement over the M50

    I bought the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset hoping it would improve my comprehensibility particularly while driving. In the five months prior I had been using the Plantronics M50, but had received numerous complaints of poor voice quality even though I could hear my counterparts very well. They often stated that it sounded like I was talking in a wind storm. After connecting the device to my iPhone 5, which it does very quickly. I placed a few test calls, which went well. A few weeks after getting the headset I talked with a coworker in California for the entire length of my commute, at the end of my call I asked him if he had any issues understanding me, and he said he did not. While this device is about twice the cost of the M50, if you are going to be talking while driving or moving about, I would recommend the Legend over the M50.

  • Amazon Customer - It Really Works!!

    WOW this blew my mind. I’m skeptical about trying new products but when I heard that a vitamin c serum can really dial back the years for my skin I had to try it. After only few weeks of use I have seen changes already. I’m a happy buyer.

  • Kendrick - What I'm used to

    New computer came with Adobe Elements 11 so I didn't think I'd need to get an up to date copy of this. Wrong. I didn't like Elements much. Maybe it's because I'm used to Roxio Creator, but it didn't work for me.