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Benje Marketing Pte Ltd - Benje Marketing Pte Ltd was established in 2010 as a distributor for an overseas chemical manufacturer, mainly chemicals for production of insecticides, pesticides and insect repellent.

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  • Christopher Cooke - Great purchase

    My wife and I put this together in about 2.5 hours. Take your time and tighten everything really snug. It's not that hard to do at all. The main pieces are a bit bulky and having 2 people will help. Once we set it up, we tested it out. Smooth and quiet. Worth every penny. I am highly happy that we decided to go with this over other 18 inch stride versions. I am 6'3" and appreciate the size of this unit.


    My daughter, who has been doing Just Dance for several years, is very unimpressed. Says the dances are too complicated and scoring isn't like previous editions.

  • Boggart - If the cats are happy, eveyone is happy.

    Had to move out of the house due to some renovations. Moved, with 2 Siamese, scratching post, cat box, cat tunnel, small cat tree, water fountain, bowls, and food into a home with three dogs. Put in the Feliway diffuser several hours before bringing cats into the house. Cats stayed upstairs in a closed off room, but all their paraphernalia didn't fool them one bit. They knew it wasn't home. The Feliway definitely helped them relax. By the second day they were their usual selves, sleeping on top of the bed instead of hiding under the covers, and jumping from cabinet tops to chase each other around. Now and then one of them would sit right next to the diffuser. Feliway may not cover all problems nor work for all cats, but it sure made my little lovers of routine easier to deal with in a situation that was anything but routine.

  • Maria Navata - Like a good number of purchasers of this book

    Like a good number of purchasers of this book, I bought this well, because, there's 4k customer reviews on it.Must be good, right? I must have missed the "children" but it's not exactly engaging (yet I hope) for babies under one. At 9.5 months now, we are trying flash cards (which he loves) and this book at times, and he seem to start picking up an interest. Before though, he would not display the same interest as his "Heads" book or Pat The Bunny. Duh, of course, it's a different book with a different purpose. But just saying, in case there are parents like me who just buy books sometimes based on number of reviews. I definitely have learned to keep in mind to buy books with the purpose in mind. :p