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  • yella33 - Screen pixels broke underneath the glass in less than a month. Glass perfect. WTH???!!!

    I am so mad right now. Our brand new LeapPad, bought for Christmas, is now broken in less than 30 days, and they claim they don't cover screen issues under warranty. We have had it in a case since we bought it, and it wasn't dropped or subjected to liquid. My son played with it in the morning, and when my daughter turned it on in the afternoon there were messed up pixels covering most of the screen. The glass is perfect. Customer service (via email), says it's a cracked screen underneath, and they won't repair it. How the he!! did my kids "crack" the screen underneath??? Isn't this a product MADE FOR KIDS?? We don't take it anywhere... it is usually played with on the couch. We've owned an iPad for three years, which the kids play with, and that screen has never broken!!! We are not a rough family. This thing just couldn't handle the finger touching of a kindergartner???? I am furious, because not only did we spend money on the pad, but also headphones, a case, and a handful of games. Thanks a lot, LeapFrog.

  • D. in AZ - I am always sure I get my fruits and veggies

    I am normally a meat eater, but even though I try to get in my fruits and veggies, taking these makes sure I get all the vitamins and nutrients I might miss out otherwise.

  • Amazon Customer - My girl hit 2 balls over the fence in her ...

    My girl hit 2 balls over the fence in her first practce with her new bat. Now let's do it in a game!

  • Big Dave - Fits like a glove

    If you want to put a single DIN into a slot made for a double DIN, this fits right in and looks factory.