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Belvedere Podiatry Group - Podiatrist in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - The Belvedere Podiatry Group provides foot surgery, toenail fungus treatment, diabetic neuropathy and bunion treatment in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY!

  • http://www.belvederepodiatry.com/meet-the-doctors.html Meet the Doctors - Belvedere Podiatry Group in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - Belvedere Podiatry Group has an experienced podiatry staff led by Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Delmonte. Contact our Upper West Side Manhattan podiatry office today!
  • http://www.belvederepodiatry.com/podiatry-office.html Podiatry Office - Belvedere Podiatry Group in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - Belvedere Podiatry Group's office is located in the Upper West Side Manhattan area. Call our podiatry office today for more info on office hours and location.
  • http://www.belvederepodiatry.com/toenail-fungus-treatment.html Toenail Fungus Treatment - Belvedere Podiatry Group in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - Get toenail fungus treatment from Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Delmonte at Belvedere Podiatry Group. Call our Upper West Side Manhattan office for fungus treatment!
  • http://www.belvederepodiatry.com/bunions.html Bunions - Belvedere Podiatry Group in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - Learn what causes bunions and how to treat them at Belvedere Podiatry Group. Call Dr. Delmonte for bunion treatment in the Upper West Side Manhattan area!
  • http://www.belvederepodiatry.com/diabetic-neuropathy.html Diabetic Neuropathy - Belvedere Podiatry Group in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - Do you suffer from painful, burning and numbness in your feet? Visit Belvedere Podiatry Group for more info on diabetic neuropathy in Upper West Side Manhattan.
  • http://www.belvederepodiatry.com/foot-surgery.html Foot Surgery - Belvedere Podiatry Group in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY - Considering foot surgery in the Upper West Side Manhattan area? Contact Dr. Delmonte and Dr. Greenberg today at Belvedere Podiatry Group for foot surgery!

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  • Dawn K. - Vitchelo, You've Done It Again!

    I purchased this light at a reduced price for an honest review. This is such a well thought out product, full of features that benefit anyone. The flashlight and lantern are really bright. USB charging capability, charge indicator lights, ability to charge other devices, magnetic side, flip up hangers, size of a soup can, comfortable for smaller hands (not a Donald Trump joke, I promise). A super all around flashlight lantern. Vitchelo, I LOVE your products!! Your design department rocks! The only problem I have is hiding this and my Vitchelo head lamp from my husband.

  • trishaa - Great product

    When reading about a product one always wonder just how much is pure advertising and if the product will really deliver. This Wet and Forget is not for someone who wants to see results in an hour. We sprayed this on our guttering and soffits last fall just before it got cold and then did truly forget about it. We looked at the areas just last week that had been treated and could see a marked difference. I know they will require at least 2 more treatments but I can say that the product does work. We will now treat all of our guttering, ceiling on the porch and soffits. I'm getting ready to order another jug to be ready when the weather warms up.

  • Susan B. Sotelo - unreadable

    The New Yorker for Kindle Fire does not allow me to enlarge the text sufficiently, does not allow access to a dictionary, does not allow the text to be read with a wide view but only with a narrow view. The version for the Kindle Paper was much better. I originally received the kindle paper version in addition to my hard copy subscription. I enjoyed the color and ads in the hardcopy, but had ease of reading on the kindle version and access to a dictionary. Now I'm paying full price for my hard copy in addition to the Kindle Fire edition and have no ease of reading.

  • Britbrat12928 - Lots of issues

    It freezes ALL of the time and ctrl alt delete is the only way to shut it down and reboot. Sometimes it freezes with no explanation, sometimes there are generic error messages, and sometimes it outlines in red. Sage offers no support unless you want to pay extra. The database must come from one main computer and so if that computer is off, having issues or rebooting, then no one else can access the program. (Maybe this is the norm?) We have had issues opening the program from that one main computer though. You cannot export history or notes. (This becomes an issue if you ever decide to change CRMs.) It allows you to store documents under contacts, but often this leads to the program freezing or issues with viewing that particular contact. I have had info that was entered for one particular contact bleed over into another contact's info. It is usually temporary until I reboot the program, but still a glitch none the less.

  • maestro - Seems Microsoft is lost in space

    The last real update for MS Office was 2010 release. Then 2013 was a mistake and 2016 is a nightmare. Not only it looks like 70's software displayed on screen but also it loads MUCH longer than MS Office 2010. Now the best questions: can you see any major new features or improvements over last 6 years (2010 vs 2016)? I know no one who can tell what the hell is new in MS Office 2016. DO NOT BUY. Microsoft treats us like idiots...