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Join us on October 27th for the ATTFTL Kid's Halloween party!American Top Team Fort Lauderdale - Join us on October 27th for the ATTFTL Kid's Halloween party! Instead of class on this day, we will be hosting Halloween festivities.

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  • krissy hayden - TERRIBLE!

    I was approached at an Ulta by a sales rep and encouraged to give this a try for my thinning, post-baby mane. I tried the shampoo, conditioner, and treatment foam for color treated hair. Long story short, it did NOT slow the fall out, did not give my hair a healthier look like I was told it would, and my hair wasn't growing back in. What did it do instead? After 6 weeks of using this product, my hair loss got worse, my hair became super dry, my scalp developed a rash I still can't get under control, and my ends felt fried. I returned this to the store for a refund and do not recommend this. I was told the apple stem cell was sooo good for my hair and scalp and that this was a vegan product. Well, I am just disgusted with it.

  • CindyC - chalky and icky sweet

    It tastes kind of chalky and cloyingly sweet, first product is fructose. The proteins in this product are awesome that is why we bought it, but it was different from the one I tried at the market. We will not buy again after we finish (yes I am going to finish it, i hate to throw stuff out and it does serve a purpose). Tried to make the transition to non animal protein source but this wasn't for us. VEGA is much better tasting vegetarian protein, but I will stick to my whey isolate i think. Plus, I think too many companies try too hard to mask the flavor of the products. I like stevia, in moderation. Come on protein companies get away from artificial sweeteners, get on board with stevia, but not not too much stevia.

  • Connor - Great Mechanical Switches, Bad RGB Lighting

    EDIT (7/13/2016): After jst a few weeks of se I have a dead key. I'll let yo figre ot which one it is. I will be retrning this and will never by from razer again.

  • Live to Ride - Good aerator and easy to use

    Very easy to use. Most wines I buy don't really need to be aerated but this is a very efficient way of berating. And to serve your wine you press a button and the wine comes out the little spout. Would be a great party accessory- everyone can get their own wine. The wine comes out kind of fizzy and you have to wait for the bubbles to die down. Great gift for wine lovers. I do ,however, think it's a bit overpriced thus 4 instead of 5 stars

  • Meredith Coronato - so fun!

    This is so much fun! I was looking for a calendar for my little boy and this popped up! Who doesn't love to pop bubble wrap? we had a few months to cover so he immediately got to work. This is so brilliant that I have a hard time keeping him from popping all of them! My one and only suggestion is that although the months are in sequence and the color varies from black to dark red- it is very hard to tell which months are which. A little confusing. I would suggest a greater color difference in months to clear the confusion. The air filled bubbles were placed directly over each number so it is quite clear which one to pop.