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Legislative Assembly of Alberta - Features information and news about bills and legislation, Alberta MLAs, Hansard, live audio of proceedings, standing and special committees, visitor information and virtual tour, information for teachers and students, Library catalogue access, and more.

  • http://www.assembly.ab.ca/visitorcentre/borealis/CD1.html Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre - Discover Alberta’s vibrant parliamentary history and culture through our interactive and engaging Visitor Centre, which is located on the main floor of the Edmonton Federal Building. Open 362 days a year. Always free!

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  • Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you! - Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you!

    I saw Massive Attack live at the V99 festival in Chelmsford, England, and they were breathtaking. I already owned Mezzanine and I felt compelled to finally buy their debut album, Blue Lines. What an album, I can hardly believe it is eight years old, it sounds as fresh, cutting-edge and relevant now as it ever has. The album is musically brilliant, differing textures, dynamics and, above all, pure atmosphere, on the stand-out tracks Safe From Harm and Unfinished Sympathy, the bittersweet love song for the 90s. The inventive turntabling by Mushroom stands out on One Love and the impacable cool of Blue Lines with its marvellous chilled-out backing and smooth and relaxed rapping by 3d, Daddy G and Tricky Kid (as he was known then) is unmissable. Fittingly, it ends with a triumphant anthem, Hymn of the Big Wheel, a message of hope and eternity. I can't believe I missed this album for 8 years. Don't make the mistake I did, buy it now!

  • davina theriaque - Im on my way

    I love this and have only used it 3 times on my face, arms, legs. hands, tummy etc. So far this seems to be working. Im now doing the treatments on the 3rd power!

  • froggie - Good Purchase

    I paid half the price that Joanne Fabrics is selling this same mat for. I priced it at the store and then went online to compare prices and ordered it right there while having my fabric cut. I've been using it for 2 months and its wearing well.

  • Darren & Leah - When the cover says it all

    When the cover says it all. I'll be honest for many years I judged Ms. Gaga from the outside in and never stopped once to hear her actually sing or listen to her story. Fool was I. Well I discovered that when BTW was released; simply amazing to say the least. I then took the time to "discover" Lady Gaga. Did not think a lot of "Art Pop" but her pairing with Tony Bennett was a real eye-opener. This girl can sing anything.

  • Kyllan - magic!

    I spent quite some time reading reviews and comments, both good and bad. Some have said that this won't clean your floor and I say there's some truth to that. We have a shoes off policy in our house so the amount of clean that's required is probably a LOT less than those people that don't have the shoes off policy in their house. We found that frequently changing the pad also helps the get a cleaner floor. It's also important to remember to sweep before using this as well.

  • Amazon Customer - First time in a long time I have laughed out loud while reading a Longmire book - recommended

    I have struggled with the last few books a great deal - Walt seems to get himself into impossible situations, enduring ridiculous amounts of physical punishment, things that would put any normal person into hospital and given his age in the book, its just not feasible or realistic, and it kept interfering with my enjoyment of the stories.

  • jonna overson - Cool to look at, not great in practice

    This product was a very big let down. I bought this one, and a smaller temperature/ hygrometer reader at the same time. Both units were put into my incubator to measure temperature and humidity, and I inserted my calibrated digital cooking thermometer to see how precise the temperature readings were. This unit was consistently about four degrees off from the other two instruments. The humidity readings would fluctuate, but stayed fairly close to the other unit. For such a slick looking device, I expected more precision. This unit seems more like a ballpark gizmo, rather than a reliable tool.