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  • Chris - I put these on my wife's car several months ago ...

    I put these on my wife's car several months ago. I use it mainly for transporting my stand up paddle boards. It was a fraction of the cost at the dealership and they hold up well!

  • MikeB - Great product.

    This battery box is great. The battery fits perfectly. It has an indicator that shows the charge left in the battery. It also charges my cell phone while I am in the canoe on the water.

  • Farinoh - Nice Monitor

    We only use this for a light duty home pc but it fit the bill perfectly (cheap!). Our original monitor crapped out which came with our system after 7+ years and didn't want to go high end as we just don't need it but I am surprised how much better the picture is. It was easy to intstall, the pc recognized it right away and we are happy with the purchase.

  • Anthony C. - Worst sleep aid I have ever used

    Worst sleep aid I have ever used! The package is very hard to open to get the pills out. Imagine you can't fall asleep at night and you are struggling to get this open. The effect of this sleep aid is very slow. It won't make you feel sleepy fast enough. The effect kicks in like in an hour and he next day you will still feel super sleepy at work. I would not recommend this and I won't buy again.